The World Health Organization Declares International Health Emergency for Coronavirus

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According to details, the World Health Organization has imposed a global health emergency to increase the number of deaths from the Coronavirus. We have to work together to stop it.

The purpose of the emergency is to accelerate measures to address the situation, not recommend trade or travel sanctions on China, said DGWHO Dr. Tedros Edmond.

China’s Health Commission released a report today saying that the number of people affected by the Coronavirus has risen to 9692 while at least 213 people have been killed.

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Pakistan has also suspended China’s flight operations to prevent the Coronavirus, while orders have been issued for clearance of imported goods after fumigation, with all arriving at all Pakistani airports. And especially for travelers arriving from the Gulf countries, rigorous screening has begun.

According to the CAA, direct flights to China will be discontinued until February 2, the future will be decided on the basis of the situation, the decision to suspend flight operations was made under security measures, until 2 February. Direct flights to China will not operate.