The Fascinating World of Mirrors

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Mirrors have always held a fascination for humans. They have a symbolic presence in many movies and pieces of literature, as they not only allow people to see what is behind them but also imply a sort of inward vision, too, or even a glimpse into the future. Grouch Marx used the mirror to provide one of the funniest moments in cinema history in the movie Duck Soup. From the practical to the interesting to the mysterious, here are a few of the valuable properties and facts about mirrors.


Because mirrors allow people to see what is behind them. they play a huge role in adding safety to a ride. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than on bicycles. Since bikes usually go slower than the vehicular traffic they often share roads with and because bikes are smaller than cars and trucks, a mirror is an indispensable tool for bicyclists. International bicycle mirror supplies provide a selection of quality mirrors to give bikers hindsight. These mirrors give an added layer of safety, as do mirrors for cars, motorcycles, and even kayakers.

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From children’s books to Shakespeare, mirrors in literature play an important role quite often. It’s hard to find a more iconic example than the Snow White tale by the Brothers Grimm when the vain queen repeatedly looks into the mirror and inquires about her beauty. Other famous books with prominent mirrors include the following:

  • Richard II by Shakespeare
  • Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
  • Myvirtua


I addition to the Marx Brothers, movies have made good use of mirrors. Horror movies often employ mirrors to increase suspense. The Jurassic Park series makes fun of the qualities of mirrors as the characters are chased by an enormous dinosaur. Mirrors play an important role in many areas of society.