Suggest name for 5th Daughter of Shahid Afridi and win reward

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Former captain of the national cricket team Shahid Afridi has asked fans to name his newborn daughter.

Remember that Shahid Afridi announced the birth of his 5th daughter on Twitter yesterday.

Shahid Afridi along with his four daughters raised their newborn daughter in their lap and shared their photos with the fans, which has since been greeted on social media.

Her name is also being suggested by fans with good wishes for the younger guest.

Now in one of his posts, Shahid Afridi has asked fans to suggest his new daughter’s name, saying that the names of those he will choose will get reward. The former captain has written the names of his four daughters in the post, saying that his new daughter’s name should also be suggested by A.

It is to be noted that the oldest daughter of the former captain is Aqsa, while the other daughters are named Insha, Ajwa and Asmara. After Shahid Afridi’s tweet, his fans have been suggesting different names.

Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan has suggested the name Afreen for Shahid Afridi’s daughter, which meaning is Brave.