PM Imran Khan is in Deep Shock Over Naeem Ul Haq’s Death

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PM Imran Khan is in Deep Shock Over Naeem Ul Haq’s Death

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his deep sorrow over the demise of PTI founder Naeemul Haq and said that he is in shocked at the death of his oldest friend.

According to News, in his condolence message, the Prime Minister said that Naeem-ul-Haq was among the ten founding members of PTI; he was the most loyal partner of PTI till now. Standing together, whenever the hard times came at the party, he supported.

Am devastated by one of my oldest friend Naeem’s passing. He was one of the 10 founding members of PTI & by far the most loyal. In 23 yrs of PTI’s trials & tribulations, he stood by me. He was always there for support whenever we were at our lowest ebb.

In the last two years, I saw him battle cancer with courage and optimism. Till the very end, he was involved in Party affairs and attended cabinet meetings as long as he was able. His passing has left an irreplaceable void.

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