Reasons to Rent a Marquee for Your Wedding

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Because A Marquee Wedding Is The Last Blank Page.

When you opt for an outdoor wedding under a Tent hire company, you don’t have to worry about a horrible carpet in a reception hall or the gold curtains on the Palladian-style windows or even the hotel guests at the hotel. The chance that is not even part of your reception. A Sperry Marquee allows you to get married outdoors in your own backyard, at your family cottage, or at your favorite golf club, museum, or national park. If you are able to dream it, we can set up a Sperry Marquee for an outdoor wedding adding a touch of magic.

Because Choosing A Rental Tent Is As Good A Choice As Choosing A Room Or A Place For Your Celebration.

Choosing a wedding marquee wisely is vital. It will be the centerpiece of your event and will be in all your photos so you have to give it a lot of thought before making a choice. It was over 20 years ago when Schupepe Company created the first schupepe Tent and it made an immediate impact in the market by bringing elegance and beauty to the world of rental marquees. If you want Ohhh! and Ahhh! About your Tent, all you have to do is give us a call.

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Be Creative with Assembling Various Tents.

Here are some ideas for outdoor weddings. With the help of our large selection of sizes and shapes of marquees from round to oval – all equally elegant one on the other in ivory sailboat sail – there are many very creative possibilities for using a schupepe Tent hire company for your big day. Here are some ideas:

A children’s tent filled with art materials, gummies and ottomans; a cocktail tent with an oyster bar and a jazz trio; an entrance or hospitality tent with beer on ice or a tent for rolling cigars with a whiskey tasting station. There are endless possibilities.

 Because You’re Favorite Activity Is The Outdoors.

Whether it’s sailing, skiing, hiking or fishing, it makes sense to connect your love for nature with an outdoor wedding. A reception under a Schupepe marquee gives you the best of both worlds: protection from the elements with interaction with the landscape. And do not forget to encourage your guests to go outside the marquee with games such as croquet, a lounge area to relax or converse in beautiful chairs, offer a little boat ride if you are near some water. The more your guests interact with your reception venue, the more unforgettable your big day will be.

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Because A Worry-Free Outdoor Marriage Takes Experience.

Organizing an outdoor wedding takes a lot of planning, so you need a marquee expert on your side for the entire process, from the initial site survey to dismantling. Together we plan the possibilities of bad weather, we advise you suppliers, we offer you unique lighting choices inside and outside or erect a space for your caterer. If your celebration is taking place during peak season, contact us ahead of time to begin the process. It’s never too early. If you are recently engaged, congratulations. We are ready to make your wedding unforgettable.

Colors and Decor

Simply put, it’s a beautiful fall! Red, yellow, golden, and green leaves. The air is cooler. No insects! The season offers a warmer palette to use for wedding colors. Fall bouquets look stunning, and centerpieces are deeper, even regal. In addition, you can set up a cozy living room section with cushions and blankets. Our tents can be heated, so when the sun goes down, your tent will be a glowing and warm haven of peace. Plus, everyone knows Schupepe tents are at their best after dark!