No Grief On TikTok Ban Says, Jannat Mirza

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Pakistan’s number one TikTok star Jannat Mirza has said that he has no regrets about the closure of the short video sharing app Tick Talk.

On the social media site Instagram, Jannat Mirza held a question and answer session yesterday in which the fans of TikTok Star asked her various questions. One user asked Jannat Mirza, “Are you sad about the TikTok ban?” The platform from which you gained fame has been banned.

Jannat Mirza on Tiktok Ban

Answering the user’s question, Jannat Mirza said, “What will make me sad?” I will definitely get the honor, fame, and work that is written in my destiny and maybe I have got it so far.

It may be recalled that the Peshawar High Court had recently ordered the closure of the short video sharing app TikTok. During the hearing, Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan had said that the videos uploaded on TikTok were not acceptable in our society.