Which is the IVF center in Jaipur with the finest success rate?

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By John Wick

Holding a little one in your arms gives a sense of love and happiness. Their innocent smiles, the little hands they use to grab your fingers, shows the purest form of love. Being a parent fills your life with a lot of joys, challenges, and a different sense of responsibility. The beautiful experience one gets by being a parent is unexplainable in words. Tough, some couples are still dreaming to experience this, because of the infertility issues or other problems they are facing in conceiving. Aastha fertility center is a single place that gets you all the solutions related to infertility. The IVF center in Jaipur has all the advanced facilities and treatments such as IUI, IVF, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, etc., with a highly experienced and qualified team of doctors to treat your issues. 

The clinic started in 2005, and since then they have been working hard under the guidance of Dr. Namita Kotia, who is the head and director of the center, to bring your dreams into the reality of being a parent.  The hospital has been known for the emotional and physical support they provide their patients throughout their treatments. The success rate of the hospital is almost 90%, but it varies from person to person due to various reasons. The center is also labeled as the best IVF center of Jaipur, as they specialize in IVF treatments. 

What is IVF-?

In Vitro Fertilization also known as IVF is an advanced technique that helps in conceiving successfully for women of all ages, it falls under ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). The purpose of the whole procedure is to create an artificial environment outside the female’s body, where the patient’s egg or the donor eggs are fertilized with sperm; this procedure is generally conducted in a laboratory. The fertilized eggs or the embryo are then kept under observation for weeks or days and, when they start themselves dividing well under the given conditions, they are implanted back into the patient’s womb or surrogates womb. 

The egg used in the procedure determines the success of the conception, thus if a middle-aged woman goes through an IVF procedure it is generally advised for them to take the help of donor eggs as the quality of the egg decreases with age.  IVF is a highly popular treatment for treating infertility as the process is not age-restricted, it can be used multiple times until the woman is able to conceive successfully.  The catch of the procedure is that the fertilized egg can be transplanted back to the surrogate’s womb, who bores the child until pregnancy. 

The confirmation of the pregnancy is generally given after a week of the procedure, through a blood test. The procedure is only successful if the embryo attaches itself well to the inner wall of the uterus.  IVF is a highly effective and successful procedure for treating infertility,  for the best treatments one can try Aastha fertility center the best IVF center in Jaipur.

What are the factors determining the IVF’s success?

The success rate of the IVF procedure is determined by various factors. The qualities of the egg, the physical condition of the patient, past medical history, the age of the patient are some of the factors on which the success rate of the procedure depends. If the patient has frozen her eggs during her fertile days and then they use it in IVF, they have more success rate. If the IUI procedure and IVF are done together then the success rate of conception increases to around 80%. If the live eggs or the donor eggs are used they have a possibility of around 44-55% in their first cycle, and also have around 37% chance of multiple births.  All in all, IVF procedure is simpler than other procedures and is highly affordable and the cost of IVF is approximately around 80,000 to 1, 30,000 INR. 

Aastha fertility center has an over 90% of success rate in conception because they have all the latest treatments which are used to treat infertility, such as IUI, IVF, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, sperm conservation, embryo conservation.  These all are advanced treatments that can increase the chances of conception in a patient. Hence all these facilities are available at an affordable price and make’s the hospital highly successful in treating infertility.

Why choose Aastha Fertility center?

The center has been working since 2005, with highly qualified doctors and staff in treating infertility. The hospital is a trusted brand, and people have been choosing the center because of the transparent, caring, and giving environment they provide to their patients.  The clinic is well equipped with all the latest medications and treatments for infertility. People all over the world have been taking appointments and discussing their issues with the center and have been satisfied by the results.  

“Shanta and Krishna, a couple from Delhi are extremely grateful to Dr. Namita Kotia and her team for gifting them a beautiful baby. The couple also adds and tells that the IVF-IVF treatment was highly affordable for them and they are extremely satisfied by the results.”

The hospital takes your issues on priority and delivers extraordinary results. The hospital has even been recognized and awarded on various occasions by a lot of prominent personalities for their excellent work in curing infertility. One can book an online appointment with the clinic to discuss the issues faced by them. To know more about the clinic, doctors, and the treatments provided by the hospital, you can check it out on and book your appointment with the best IVF center in Jaipur.