Iran denies claims that 50 dies of coronavirus

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Iranian Deputy Minister of Health rejects a report of 50 deaths to Coronavirus Foreign News Agency. Iranian Minister of Health Arjur Hirschi rejected the claim by a foreign news agency that the death toll from the Coronavirus in Iran is 12, while 47 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Iran.

According to the news agency, Iranian lawmaker Ahmad Amir Abadi has accused the Iranian government of hiding the killings from the Coronavirus. The Iranian Deputy Minister of Health says that I categorically reject the report, saying it is not a time of political opposition, the Coronavirus is a national issue.

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It should be noted that the US news agency claimed 50 deaths from the Coronavirus in Qom. On the other hand, the news agency confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Iraq, the first case of coronavirus appeared in Najaf, although the affected patient is Iranian. According to the news agency, Iraq has been suspended import and export from Iran for the past several days.

China-initiated Coronavirus has engulfed several countries, confirming earlier cases in Afghanistan, Bahrain, and Kuwait, while the number of virus deaths in Iran has dropped to 50.