14 Ideas for Your Next Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories is the best method to get started with video marketing. They are quick to create, increase brand recognition, and allow you to experiment with new marketing methods for free.

Instagram Stories are also more popular than they have ever been. Over 70% of Instagram users watch stories on a regular basis, and mobile video consumption is more than doubling year on year. This means that, if you aren’t already, you should start producing Instagram Stories.

Top 14 Instagram Story Ideas That Have Been Tried and Tested

Despite its ease of use, selecting the appropriate Instagram Story for your company might feel like a shot in the dark. We’ve created a list of Instagram Stories that have been shown to increase follower numbers, so you can stop studying and start sharing.

Despite its ease of use, selecting the appropriate Instagram Story for your company might feel like a shot in the dark. We’ve created a list of Instagram Stories that have been shown to increase follower numbers, so you can stop studying and start sharing.

1. Respond to Queries

Engage your audience by asking them questions about your company. You are free to ask whatever you want. A question sticker with the wording “ask me anything” is a good place to start. This allows your audience to connect with your Instagram Story while also establishing yourself as an authority on the topic you’re discussing.

Take it a step further by making a “master video” of your responses and saving it to your highlights.

2. Pose Inquiries

If you want to gain customer insight about a product or service you’re selling, posing questions to your audience is an equally valid Instagram Story idea. Add a response sticker to your tales so that your audience may respond.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your next Instagram Story, asking questions is a terrific method to figure out what to post next. Increase engagement by giving people what they desire. 

3. Questionnaires and Polls

Instead of asking an open-ended question, try using a poll or a quiz to guide your viewers’ answers. Stickers can assist you with this.

Engage your audience with a multiple-choice answer, such as the one shown below. This enables visitors to interact with your article by clicking a button rather than composing a comment. When publishing anything worthy of attention, a sliding response (complete with a heart-eyes emoji, of course) is equally easy and powerful. Even if it’s only your refilled cookie jar.

4. Make Your Location Public

Using a location sticker, you may be located on Instagram. Stories featuring these will be posted to the feeds of those around you, bringing in additional viewers that you would not have gotten otherwise. Basically, whenever you believe it is suitable to broadcast your location, do so. Fingers crossed that you get some Instagram followers.

Now, if you’re a newbie, getting answers to polls or questionnaires might be a daunting task, owing to few followers. If you want to improve your reach, MegaFamous offers you up to 50 free Instagram likes and followers in the free trial.

5. Include Quotations

Quotes are brief, to-the-point, and, most crucially, easily shared. Motivational, intriguing, motivating, hilarious, business-related, or just about anything else. Look for a quote that resonates with you on the web, ensure that it sits your brand, and afterward copy / paste it into your Instagram Story.

6. Market a Product

Promoting your product or service via an Instagram Story is a guaranteed method to build buzz and raise brand awareness – it allows you to sell to your followers without spending money on ads.

Product stickers may be used to direct your audience to a purchase page. It’s vital to note that product stickers are only available to Instagram-approved businesses. Alternatively, you may utilize the more classic “swipe up” feature to link to an external website from your Instagram Story.

7. Countdown Timers

A decent countdown is something that everyone enjoys. A new product, a deal, New Year’s Eve, a holiday such as Black Friday or Christmas, or the next Marvel picture. Apply a countdown sticker to your video to quickly increase your audience’s excitement. The timer is ticking.

8. Publicize a Live Event

Take advantage of free publicity by sharing a promo to your Instagram Story if you’re streaming an Instagram Live event. It’s a terrific method to keep your fans up to date while also increasing views on your Instagram Live feed. You may also ask your fans what they want to see in the future stream by posting follow-up questions after the stream.

9. Promote a Blog or an Instagram Post

Show off your most recent Instagram posts and blog articles by posting a short promotional video as a Story. You may even pay a few bucks to run it as a targeted ad, which will bring in more views (and perhaps more followers!).

10. Promote Other Accounts

If you have a comparable demographic to another business’s following on Instagram, try expanding your community by showcasing that brand. If you can coordinate a cross-promotion with the other brand, you and your audience will both benefit greatly. Your audience is introduced to another fantastic product, another brand is given visibility, and they will mention your brand on their account.

11. Provide Specials and Discounts

You may also take advantage of Instagram Stories’ 24-hour lifetime by giving unique, limited-time bargains on your Instagram Story. This will improve your following count and drive views since people won’t want to miss out on deals they can’t find anyplace else. Scarcity sells well.

12. Create Your Own Hashtag

Hashtags may cause a business’s popularity on social media to skyrocket. To date, one of the better instances is what entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk provided with his #60secondclub hashtag. He turned it into a competition, awarding rewards to anyone who liked and commented on a post inside the first 60 seconds. Gary’s rate of engagement skyrocketed.

Use a hashtag that is short, snappy, and memorable. Use Instagram Stories to spread the word as well.

13. Accept It and Move Forward

This is engagement gold for a multitude of reasons. To begin, Instagram prioritizes live broadcasts and promotes them to the top of your target audience’s newsfeed. Second, you can engage with your audience immediately and directly. The likes and comments of your audience are shown in real-time for you to respond to.

Aside from that, every live stream you do will be stored as an Instagram Story for anyone who missed it. If you’re stuck, most of the Story concepts we’ve explored above might be converted into a live video.

14. Repurpose Previous Content

Instagram videos aren’t the only ones that may be used as such. This may be anything from statistics to event footage to a customized version of a prior Instagram Story that your audience enjoyed. Anything you generate elsewhere may be repackaged into an appealing video for your Instagram audience in seconds.


Following the above-mentioned tips will definitely help in increasing your reach on Instagram. Happy Instagramming!