How to earn money from blogging?

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Do you want to start your online career as a blogger and want to earn money from blogging? Here today in this article I will tell you the full details about how to earn money from blogging.

Obviously, you have heard the name of blogging that’s why you are here and you must have basic information about blogging if you don’t no worries this post will be enough for you to start your online career as a blogger.

Well if you come across this blog that by searching on Google “how to make money from blogging?” I would be happy to tell you that it is my blog and I am making money from it by provided informative content and tips to the visitors of my blog.

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If you search the term “how to earn money from blogging” you will find millions of websites in the search result of Google or any other search engine. All the results are from blogs, and all the bloggers are making money from it.

You have just heard the name of blogging and you want to earn money from it, then you should stay for a while and know about it well, then you should start blogging.

First of all, let me tell you that blogging is very hard work.  It is not a short-term way to earn money, if you want to start blogging then you have to give it a good time and by dedication, you can do blogging.

Consistency and staying up to date is the main key to be a successful blogger.

What is blogging?

If we try to understand blogging in simple words then:

Blogging is such a way to earn money from the internet in which you create a blog on WordPress or any other CMS and post regular content on your site and proper SEO to rank your blog in search engines to bring traffic on your site and the advertisement (such as Google ads) showing on your site will give you some bucks on every click by unique visitor.

If you start blogging you will face many issues like no traffic and this will discourage you to quit blogging but this is the phase where you will stay consistent so you will get a reward one day.

Patience, dedication, and consistency in blogging are the way to be successful. In blogging instead of doing hard work you will have to focus on smart work because working smart in the right direction will give you reward very quickly.

For those who are hearing about blogging for the first time, these two questions must have come to their mind, then before sharing any other details here are the answers to those questions.

1: Is it really one that can make money from blogging?

If you think that money cannot be earned from blogging, then I want to show you some proof of my earnings. Below is the screenshot of earning of one of my blogs and earning channel is Google AdSense.

I hope that you have been convinced that money can be earned from blogging too and there are many people who are making their living with the help of blogging only.

2: How much money can be earned from blogging?

You have seen that money can be earned from blogging, but still, if you have doubt that how much money can be earned from blogging, then I want to tell you that it is totally based on the dedication and hard work you are putting into blogging. More consistency and hard work mean more money from blogging.

You will get less money initially from blogging, but as time increases and your blog will become old, and your traffic will increase, in the same way, you will start earning so much from blogging that you can make a living on the income from blogging.

You can earn as much money from your blog that would be enough to full fill your hobbies.

How to earn money from blogging?

Well, you have all the basic information about blogging, you have a blog and you are publishing content on it daily basis and now you are looking for what are some methods or ways that I can use to make money from my blog? So, here in this article, I am going to share with you the best ways to make money from blogging.

Best Ways to make money from Blogging!!


The first and most used way to make income from your blog is by placing ads of Google AdSense or other Ad networks on your blog.

If you want to make income from your blog, then you have to advertise on your blog, you can do that through Google AdSense or any other Ad Network like or ezoic. There many highest-paying AdSense alternatives are also available that can be used to make money from blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another great way to earn money from a blog is you can sell any company’s products from your blog and take its commission.

Those products can be of either digital and physical types, whichever product you want to sell or the category in which your blog is, you can join Affiliate Programs of the same category and generate good commission by selling their products.

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It is mainly seen that Affiliate Commission is high in Digital Products and Competition is also very high in Affiliate of Digital Products. If your blog is new then you can sell physical products of your category and generate good commission from them.

Here I am giving links to some Affiliate Programs that you can join.

  • Amazon Associates Service
  • Affiliate Programs of Hosting companies
  • Click bank

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Post is a very good way to earn money from Blog. In this, you can get a very good amount for just one article, let me explain to you in detail about Sponsored Post.

Suppose one of your posts is ranking on top in Google search results on the keyword “best digital marketing agency in the USA” and you have included some random 10 agencies in your post. If your post is ranking high on Google surely the listed companies will contact you and ask you to put them on the top of the list and at this time you can ask them for money.

Or, if your blog has very good traffic and visitors love to read your content then big companies will contact you for the sponsored post about their product or business or whatever services they provide so you can demand the money as per the worth of your blog.

Guest Blogging

You have an old blog with high DA and DR and have some handsome daily traffic then you can sell guest posting on your blog to earn money from blogging. On the website whose domain authority and traffic are good, the other site owners who want to rank high in Google will surely contact you for a backlink in a form of a Guest post from your site. Surely you will not give any backlink for free you will charge for it and in return, your blog will get double the benefit of a good quality guest post and some handsome publishing fee.

Note: Before giving a backlink through Guest Post, you should check the website of the front to see if that website is good or not, if that website is not good and there is no high-quality content on it, then you should not give a backlink to it because it will ruin your website. The image is bad and this can have a negative effect on your site.

Sell E-Books

If you have good traffic on your website and visitors of your site trust your words, then you can create an eBook and sell them. This method will only work if visitors of your site trust you like they are getting information about what they are looking for. So, you can sell eBooks on your blog to earn money from blogging.

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Sale Course

If the victors of your blog trust you and regularly reads your blog posts. You can sell your course to them. Suppose you are an SEO expert so you can create an effective course that you can sell to the visitors of your blog to earn money from your blog.

Keep in mind that there should be value in your course, the amount of money you are taking from your visitors, they should get the right knowledge of so much money.

Direct Advertisers

You can put Google AdSense or other Ad Networks as well as Direct Ads on your blog.

If I explain to you Direct Ads like my website is related to Blogging and a hosting company comes and tells me that we will give you XYZ Amount every month if you put the banner of our website on your blog. For this, you can put the banner of that hosting site on your website, this is called Direct Advertisement.

Sell ​​Direct Links

Earlier we have talked that many websites give you guest posts to get backlinks from you and in return, you can also charge money from them but some sites give you more money to get backlinks from you than in any of your old ranked posts.

Like my website is ranking on top on a keyword and some other site gives me money and tells me that you give me a link from that post and if its site is good then I can take a lot of money from it, just adding by one Backlink.

Direct linking is a very good way by which you can earn a lot of money from your website without much effort.


Today you learned in detail that how to earn money from blogging? I hope you have understood that money can be earned from blogging and with the help of blogging you can do a lot in your life. In today’s time, blogging is not only a hobby, but it has become a serious business, you can earn both name and money by doing this business.