Indian actress Zareen Khan Wants to Visit Swat Valley

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Bollywood actress Zareen Khan says that she wants to go to Swat Valley in the northern part of Pakistan, where my grandfather belongs.

In an interview with Voice of America Urdu, the well-known actress said that her grandfather is from Swat and he had come to India before independence.

“He used to tell me about the Swat area,” She said. When I looked at their old photos I found out that it is a very beautiful place. However, the situation is not such that I can go there.

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Zareen Khan said that I pray for a good relationship between Pakistan and India so that I can easily visit Swat Valley. Zareen Khan further said that she wants to keep her mother tongue alive. However, she can only speak a few words in Pashto. “When my grandmother was alive, a lot of Pashto was spoken at home,” she said.

In the interview, well-known actress Zareen Khan also revealed that she was not interested in working in films at all. And she never thought she would be a part of the film industry, but perhaps luck was on her side.