India Bans Mobile Phones in Colleges

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India Bans Mobile Phones in Women Colleges

The Indian state of Maharashtra has banned the use of mobile phones of women at Women’s College. According to Indian media reports, the state of Maharashtra banned the use of mobile phones of students inside the campus of Women College, the administration says that the use of mobile phones is badly affecting the education of the students.

This ban has been imposed by the college administration at a time when students are often only on smartphones and are connected to social media. Women College Principal Dr. Rafiq Zakaria and Dr. Makhdoom Farooqi said the ban was imposed 15 days ago and it has seen a surprising change in the teaching of students, focusing on the students now.

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He said that there are 3000 students studying in undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Women College. Principal Dr. Rafiq Zakaria further said that we were looking for measures to improve the teaching process and often the opinion of teachers was that banning the use of mobile phones would not affect education.

He made it clear that students are not allowed to have their phones in the classroom, but in case of an emergency, students are allowed to have a local phone.