Fantastic Meaning behind the Number of Lovely Roses

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Do you know that millions of roses are sold during any romantic occasion? Strange! Yes, It’s true! Roses are the trendy thing that is admired by the people of all age groups and also the most picked option among lovers on any romantic or traditional occasion. Roses have the everlasting beauty and also the universal gesture of love, romance, and passion.

You all know that roses are the true symbol of love and affection. They add magic in everything they touch and also make the aura more beautiful. These beauties come in a plethora of colors like red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, etc. and each has a different deep meaning and symbolism. They never fail to make an everlasting impact on the receiver.

Not only the colors but even the numbers of the roses that you give to someone on special occasions also expresses a lot. If you want to know about the fantastic meanings behind the number of roses, then this article may help you as here we listed the significance of the number of roses that convey your heartfelt feelings uniquely. You can also thrill your loved ones by sending a gorgeous rose bouquet to their doorstep using the online flower delivery in Mumbai & other nation’s corner.

Here is some thoughtful & unique meaning behind the number of roses:

Single Rose

A single stem of a rose signifies love at first sight. Usually, a single rose is given to the beautiful women during the first date. To receive a single rose from someone is a great compliment, and it also shows the romantic interests. You can also give it in the coming years to say that you still love them. So, order rose online from various flower portals and send it to your partner’s house to express your romantic love.

Two Roses

If you love someone deeply, but you are not able to tell your feelings and emotions to that person, then you can send two beautiful roses to their doorstep using the online flower delivery in Nagpur and other parts of the nation. Gifting two roses to a special one shows that you are deeply in love with that person.

Three Roses

Three roses bouquet is a traditional one-month anniversary gift for your loved ones. This bouquet helps you to say three magical words I Love you to your partner. It also expresses the contentment from being with others. The three roses bouquet is very popular among lovers and also the most picked options for romantic events.

Five Roses

It is almost a dream to receive a five rose bouquet from your dear ones. So, if you receive it, then pinch yourself that it really happens with you. This bouquet symbolizes true love. It is also the best option to show your partner that you love them very much & also care for them.

Six Roses

A bouquet of six roses signifies the deep passion. It is a perfect gift to please your crush or to say that “ I wanna be yours.” It also expresses your partner that you want to take your relationship to the next level. The stunning six rose bouquet also discloses the unrevealed things of love & affection.

Nine Roses

A stunning bouquet of nine roses expresses the eternal & deep love to the special ones with whom you shared your life. These beauties also send a message that you will be together forever. So, send a gorgeous bunch of nine roses to your close one’s doorstep with whom you want to spend your whole life.

Ten Roses

A bunch of ten beautiful roses symbolizes the abiding confidence of two lovers which means a lot for them. It also represents perfect love. When you give it as a gift to your lovers, then it gives a message that your love is perfect.

Fifteen Roses

If you made an argument with your special ones and now, you want to apologize, then send a bouquet of fifteen roses to their doorstep. Sometimes the apology with words is difficult, so a fifteen flower bouquet is the perfect option as it is a great way to say I am Sorry. This gorgeous bouquet confesses the feelings of regret.

The above listed different numbers of roses have different meanings & symbolism. So, next time, opt for the right number of roses that match your message.