Looking to Start your Dropshipping Business? Make Sure you Avoid these Top Mistakes

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By John Wick

The e-commerce business is growing at an unprecedented pace not in America only but also in other regions of the world where eCommerce was an unknown concept in the past years. According to research, 50% of Canadian prefer to shop online rather than visiting the store. They love the idea of ordering stuff from the mobile and getting it instantly. That’s the reason why dropshipping companies are scaling and many entrepreneurs are looking to explore this dropshipping side

But while you go for a dropshipping business, here are some mistakes that you should avoid at any cost. 

1. Starting without Knowing

If you’re starting your dropshipping business just because everyone is doing it and it will earn you money, then it’s a bad idea. To start a dropshipping business, you need to understand the niche. Ask these questions before going for dropshipping

  • Which products will you sell via dropshipping?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • How will you manage your business?
  • How will you source the vendors?
  • How will you attract consumers?

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Answers to these questions will give you a clear picture of your dropshipping business and it will become easy to start one.  If you think you can better scale in a dropshipping business model and your selected products will work with your business model, then go for it.

This tip applies to not only the dropshipping business but also the other niches because knowing will give you a grasp over your business.

 2. Sticking to One Vendor

If your dropshipping Canada business solely relies on one vendor the what if the products get out of stock? What if the vendor stops the supplies? What if the vendor ends his business?

So, sticking with one vendor can frustrate you at one point. You should have alternate options available so your customers won’t keep waiting for the product. If your vendor is in terms of you for a long time and you haven’t experienced any issues like this, still I would prefer you to keep the alternate options available. Know that customers won’t wait so rather than making them, it’s better to keep the second option ready. 

3. Not Working on the Return Requests

When you’re a small business you should work on enhancing the customer experience. If they aren’t satisfied with your business you should try to make them satisfied, if they have complaints, you should sort it out. That’s how your customers will engage in your business.

If your business has a policy of returning products in 15 days, own the policy and stay true to it. By handling your customer requests immediately, you will add to their experience and they might end up giving a good review for your website. 

If in case, the product is damaged, you should also serve the customer request; otherwise, the negative reviews can hurt your business profile.

4. Not Delivering on Time

When shopping on the eCommerce website, the customer is curious to receive the order in hands. If you delay the delivery process, they won’t prefer you to buy from you for the next time. Even writing like, “delivery 5 -7 days” isn’t right. Always tell the accurate date and time to your customers so they don’t have to wait for random hours.

And stay true to your delivery date, this will give the impression that you’re serious about your business and can’t afford the late deliveries. To help in your prompt delivery bid on heavier items, and to transport industrial equipment use Shiply verified freight service providers.

5. Not Marketing your Business

For a dropshipping business quality + marketing goes hand in hand. Never think that marketing is not the need for startups. In real startups need more marketing than well-established business. So, on your dropshipping website, keep announcing seasonal discounts on Christmas, New Year, or any other season. 

You should also work on search engine optimization to increase your website presence in the search engines. Take help from any Toronto SEO company if you don’t have the knowledge because SEO is important to make your dropshipping business known to your customers.

So, now when you start your dropshipping business in Canada, ensure that you’re keeping it away from the above mistakes. If you have encountered any mistakes above these, help the readers by making them learned about them.