How to take care of coco sneakers?

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By John Wick

Imagine buying a new pair of cocoshoes only to have them get dirty in less than a month of use. Regular maintenance and cleaning them intensively is the only way to preserve them. It is mandatory to keep cocosneakers clean and maintain them consistently if you don’t want them to look dirty.

Here are our top tips to keep sneakers clean.

  • Use a toothbrush and a clean towel to remove the dirt visible on the sneakers. This will prevent the building up of dirt. So try to wipe the dirt on your shoes every day and in this way to don’t have the headache at the last moment.
  • The next step is rinsing off the soles. Debris gets easily stuck on the bottom part of your sneakers even if you walk on a clean surface. It is an easy step and doesn’t require too much involvement. Rinsing the debris can be done with a hose or a wet towel.
  • The final step is to remove the big stains on your sneakers. For removing large stains, use can easily blot them with a soapy mixture.

Cleaning up the spots helps save a lot of time that can take later when dirt tends to build up.

How to take care of coco sneakers

How to clean cocoshoes? 

Clean the interior

Cleaning the interior and the odor is as important as cleaning the exterior. At first, remove the insole and then use a detergent and water mixture to give a general cleaning to the inside of the shoes. Once you clean the interior using a towel or sponge, you must let it dry before using them again.

Clean the laces 

Cleaning the laces should not be neglected. Take off your Coco cheap sneaker and give them a wash time to make them look new and clean.

Clean the midsole

Cleaning the midsole section of your sneakers is not as easy as cleaning the outsole. This section is easily visible and must be kept bright white, so they must be cleaned consistently. You can use a magic eraser as a cleaning solution. This will reduce the grime on the shoe edges and enhance the rubber sole’s color.

Other points to clean coco shoes

  • Keep away from moisture

Keep your cocoshoes away from moisture since it may cause the growth of bacteria. This will result in breaking down shoe material when you wear them often. Gels or silica pouches can be used to keep your shoe away from bacteria and moisture.

  • Keep away from dust. 

Don’t let dirt accumulate since an extreme diet can damage the natural color of your sneakers and make them look old. Clean them consistently to keep them new and keep them away from your home slippers so that dust and dirt don’t accumulate on them. Keep your sneakers in a shoe closet for better protection.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

Prevent crumbling of shoes by keeping them away from direct heat and sunlight as it can cause dry-rotting. To make sure that sneakers have a long life span, you need to keep them controlled and clean.

  • Avoid plastic shoebox

Soles of sneakers need good ventilation and air circulation, so cardboard and plastic shoe box should be avoided. Use breathable fabric-made bags to store your sneakers to promote good ventilation.

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