Fenix flashlight: What are the elements involved in a quality Tactical LED Flashlight

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By John Wick

Flashlights are essential devices and can help lighten up dark places. It is required if there is a power outage at the home or to carry it along while going out after evening. A potable LED flashlight is rather a must-have in the pocket or purse at all times. Besides enhancing confidence, it also ensures being safe all the time and moving around or doing work without much difficulty. But then to derive the benefits, you are to invest in the Best led flashlight available in the market.

Flashlight types available

The market is filled with different types of flashlights that have been developed to serve different activities and purposes. Hence, it becomes necessary to first identify your specific needs and accordingly go ahead with your purchase. This way, you can never go wrong with your selection process.

Tactical flashlight is considered to be among the most popular Led flashlight on sale. Its very name suggests that this tactical type LED flashlight is used mainly by specific groups like security officers, police officers, search & rescue teams, military soldiers, etc. Such flashlights can also be purchased and used by civilians due to its cool specifications and designs. However, you should not compromise on the functional part for design and appearance.

What should you look when buying Tactical LED flashlight?

While shopping for LED flashlights for tactical reasons, you should go through the product specifications mentioned in the different categories of the leading portal like The specifications will clearly mention if the specifications are meant for emergency and tactical usage or not.

Fenix flashlight
Fenix flashlight

Elements a Tactical LED flashlight will have

  • Strong, light material: Generally, the box states anodized aluminum. This means the same metal is used for constructing airplanes. There are available strobe, red beam, and/or SOS options. Such light options can be found to be more than useful to serve a variety of purposes. It ranges from illuminating via blinding smoke inside a burning house to blinding out the assailant.
  • A hard bezel or serrated LED bulb offers extra protection and self-defense.
  • Beam output (high lumen) capacity is approximate, 150-200 lumens.
  • Additional specifications like flat bottom to stand up the flashlight, magnet, or anti-rolling shape present in the middle to ensure the flashlight sticks to any metal to offer extra practicality.

A few tactical flashlights are found to come with additional measures allowing you to mount them upon your guns like mounting tools.

Other factors to consider

Tactical LED flashlights can be found to be more expensive when compared to regular flashlights. This is due to its varying specifications. Several things can be undertaken using this flashlight type. For instance, civilians can protect themselves in dark and remote areas and streets. They may use the tactical LED flashlight like fenix flashlight to blind instantly the assailant to scare him/her off.

Fire-fighters may use the best fenix flashlight as it offers a super-bright beam that can pave their way through the smoke in the building. This allows them to find trapped pets and people inside and rescue them at the earliest.