How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cannabis From Your Residence

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By Kaleem Ullah

Cannabis enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy the raw, earthy aroma of weed that is intense and overpowering. Based on the strain composition, some also exhibit hints of citrus, florals, fruits, berries. But in all these cases, the rich smell of cannabis is intoxicating, enticing, and most important of all, long-lasting. 

Although there has been an evident transformation in the perception of weed, it is still not a common herb that everyone is comfortable with. Hence, cleaning up the smell of a dead giveaway to your neighbors that you are a cannabis lover is crucial. Here we will visit some simple tricks to help you eliminate the weed odor from the room after smoking. 

Prevention The Smell

Before we explore the many different ways to curb the cannabis stench, let us look at some ways to avoid brimming the room with the aroma in the first place. 

Consider shopping for strains that have a slightly softer odor.  These buds either carry terpenes that are potent enough to cover up the pungent stench or have a natural aroma that is not too intense. A few choices would include Granddaddy Purple, Rockstar, Northern Lights. 

Next, explore some alternative forms of using cannabis, such as through edibles or vaporizers. Edibles are the most subtle way of using cannabis, and you can practically have them anywhere you please without worrying about hinting at your neighbors. Vaporizers also relatively minimize the natural odor of marijuana, which will help you smoke the herb at home. 

Try Scented Candles And Incense

Scented candles and incense are an effective way of masking the weed odor from your home. The fragrance from these products is typically quite intense. They tend to cover the pungent aroma of weed effectively. It will also leave your home smelling amazing, which is an added advantage.

Nag Champa incense is particularly a stoner favorite. This popular option comes in the form of sticks and cones. The combination of cardamom, flower oils, sandalwood, tree resin, honey, black pepper, and several other aromatic ingredients creates an exotic atmosphere inside the room. The general neutral aroma from the incense will effortlessly camouflage the cannabis smell. You have to check the best seed strains to grow marijuana outdoor in England.

You can also choose any other strong combination of aromas like sandalwood, jasmine, rose for the incense to outweigh the earthy smell naturally. Simply light your favorite incense after smoking and take it around the room. Switch on the fan, and the aroma will spread well throughout the room, covering your weed tracks. 

Try Patchouli Oil 

Patchouli oil is an aromatic solution to mask the smell of cannabis in your house. The oil, prepared from small white and pink flowers of the patchouli plant, has an intense floral fragrance. When used, the oil leaves a long-lasting scent in the room that is quite calming. The oil also exhibits antidepressant properties and aphrodisiac qualities and is quite a fun solution to de-stink your home. 

If you have an aroma diffuser, add a few drops of the patchouli oil to it and let it do its job. Alternatively, simmer a small pot of water and add a few drops of the oil to it. In just a few minutes, the scent from the oil will light up the house with an amazing aroma and cover up the weed smell. 

Try Spray Odour Removers 

Spray odor removers are an elegant solution to remove traces of cannabis smell from different surfaces in the room. Odor remover and neutralizes like Febreeze work miracles on the furniture like sofa, fabrics like cushion covers and carpets. 

Open the windows and spray the Febreeze all over the room. It will leave your home smelling amazing. Be careful while using it on carpet or other surfaces to ensure it is suitable for the fabric. Some could cause discoloration or other issues. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and test them out on a small portion of the surface before using them for the best results. 

Try Cooking Foods With Strong Odours

Like using incense, cooking a strong aroma is also an effective way of masking the cannabis smell lingering in the house. Ingredients like onions, garlic tend to exhibit an overpowering scent as they cook. This smell could shadow the weed stench effectively. You can also try burning popcorn that will almost cover up the cannabis smell instantly. 

Try Charcoal

Charcoal is an effective deodorizer that can easily absorb the cannabis smell from your home. You can look for little bags of charcoal available in the market and place them in different spots around your room. While it might take about an hour to show results, they will help cope with most of the smell.  

Remember, charcoal bags are not the appropriate solution if you are actively smoking a joint in the room. They can only help get rid of residue odors on the fabrics, clothes, or stash. 

Try Some Kitchen Hacks 

The enticing aroma of coffee grounds can not only lighten up your morning mood but also help you get rid of the cannabis smell. Add some coffee grounds to small bowls and place them around the house. They will soak up the pungent smell in a little while. Similarly, you can place saucers with vinegar or use it with your detergent to eliminate stench from your clothing.


Try these effective tips to bid farewell to the raw cannabis smell that refuses to part with you long after you are done smoking. They will help you enjoy your herb in peace without having to stress about the aroma alerting your neighbors or housemates.