How to Recycle an Old Smartphone

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Smartphones are increasingly becoming popular. This can be attributed to the increased number of manufactures in the industry, especially from the Middle East and Asian region. Literacy levels are also high in most parts of the world, and most people would prefer to use the latest smartphone to using an old one that was launched almost ten years ago. Consequently, we end up having so many dead phones or rather working but old fashioned phones. Well, do you know that you can sell & trade-in your phone online and get money to buy some better phone? You can also use the same money to buy accessories for your new phones like phone covers and skin protectors.

Recycling old smartphones is also way better than disposing of anyhow. We must save the earth from all sorts of e-waste that have become a threat to nature and humanity. So, how should you recycle your old smartphone? Well, check out on the following tips:


If your phone has a big storage space, you don’t have to throw it away. Times are changing, and most publishers even encourage e-books because they are convenient and accessible from anywhere in the world. You can turn your old phone into a portable library and store a couple of books. You can also turn it into a music library. Music and e-books don’t consume much space, and you’ll still be left with more to save old pictures.


This is the tips number three on how to recycle old smartphone. Smartphones have accurate alarm clock systems. You only need an old phone with quality sound so that you don’t miss the alarm when it goes on. Or if the alarm system doesn’t still work for you, then you can sell & trade-in your phone online.

Security camera/children camera

When the lenses are still in good condition, the camera can be used as a spy security camera, especially when you are not around. The children can also use it to sharpen their photography skills, especially when they show interest in that line of talent.

Gaming device

The best thing about android phones is that they can play thousands of games that are available on the Goggle play store. Most developers also come up with amazing gaming apps with a user-friendly experience, even when played from an old phone. However, you have to ensure that you have a powerful battery because gaming consumes a lot of power. It is therefore advisable that you change your battery into a new one before recycling that phone into a gaming device.

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This is the last tip on how to recycle an old smartphone. If you have an old mobile phone that is in good condition, then donating it to someone needy can be the best option. You don’t have to look far from you as there will always be relatives in need of the same. Or you can sell the same to an online vendor and donate the money for charity work or give it to a needy street family. In other words, don’t look at that phone as something old-fashioned and outdated. Even dead phones still have value and market.

However, most of the above recycling options will depend on the phones operating system or software. Some phone software, especially the old ones become obsolete after a certain lifespan. If that is the case, you can always sell it as a dead phone.