How to make USB data transfer more easy?

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By John Wick

Transferring files from one device to another is not an easy task at all. But, this can be done so easily via USB technology. However, USB is not a new technology. But, as we all know “Old is Gold”. That’s the reason why USB always be on the top choice of users for transferring the files. Experiencing slow transferring speed is nothing but a headache as it takes a lot of time. Here, we’ve mentioned the ways to boost the speed of USB data transfer hence, keep reading on to know more about it in detail!

Boost-up the system’s performance

The system’s performance makes a massive impact on your data transfer speed. If your system is already running slow down then it is very obvious that it takes very much time to transfer the data. So, to boost the data transfer speed one level-up, then, you need to boost the system’s performance first. Upgrade your RAM, eradicate all the malware from the system, and so on. But, keep in mind to check the compatibility of RAM with motherboard while upgrading the RAM.

End all the running programs

If you want to experience the fastest ever data transferring speed. Then you must keep in mind to end all the running programs while transferring. These running programs will take the computer’s resources and disk space that will reduce the speed of transferring. So, for experiencing the fastest data transferring speed you need to close all the running programs at the time of data transfer.

Do transfer one file at a time

Another important trick that will surely increase the USB data transfer speed is – transferring one file at a time. Say a big no to transfer many files at a time. As it hangs up the transferring process and slows down the speed of data transfer. Hence, develop a habit to transfer one file at a time. And just in case, if you want to share more than one file at a time then select all files and send them in just a single go. Because in this situation, the system counts all the files as one file so, no reduction of speed happened.

Keep your USB virus-free

Viruses are really a pain in ahead when it comes to technology. Viruses make our system’s work slow and it also reduces transferring speed when it comes to USB. A USB is used in many systems which can make it a home for viruses. So, always keep your USB clean and use it on trusted computers. And you’ve to keep in mind that the USB drivers are always updated. Hence, always update USB drivers windows 10.

Join the USB to Rear Port

At the time when you want to transfer files from desktop to USB. It means you connected the USB to one of the front ports of the computer. If you want to speed up the data transfer then you should connect the USB drive to the rear ports instead of the front. Because the rear ports are mended on the motherboard of the computer. And they run behind the Intel chipset instantly. On the other hand, front ports are joined with the motherboard through a cable. That’s the reason why rear ports have the fastest data transfer speed than front ports.

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It is quite annoying to experience the slow transferring speed. Hence, it consumes a lot of time. But, by using the above-listed tips you can enhance the USB data transfer speed one level-up. Transferring files or data is our day-to-day task. We constantly share data or files with other devices or other individuals. For transferring, USB is the most common and easiest way.

But, when it comes to speed we always experience slow speed Why? Because we always lag to pay proper attention to those points that make it slow. So, here you go by trying the above-listed tricks and hacks you can boost the USB data transfer speed. Try now and get the most of it!