Zoobia Meer And Her Mother Brutally Beaten By Brother

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The worst violence of a son against his mother within the limits of Sadiqabad police station in Rawalpindi, the video went viral on social media. Accused Arslan along with his wife brutally tortured and used abusive language for his mother. Zoobia Meer sister of Arslan make a video of the incident as proof and uploaded it on YouTube. After which the video went viral on social media and this issue become a top trend on all social media platforms.

According to Rawalpindi police, a case has been registered against accused Arsalan and his wife at Sadiqabad police station. After torturing his mother, accused Arsalan fled with his wife. Police said that the victim has also undergone medical treatment while the accused will be arrested soon and action will be taken as per law. According to the victim’s statement given to the police, the son and daughter-in-law quarrel every day. Zoobia Meer said that her brother Arslan beaten mother brutally and after taking money and property paper he escaped with his wife.

CM Punjab Usman Buzdar take notice of the incident

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has taken notice of the tragic incident of violence against Zoobia Meer’s mother by his brother and daughter-in-law in the Sadiqabad area of Rawalpindi and demanded a report. Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has called for a report from RPO Rawalpindi and ordered that the perpetrator be arrested as soon as possible.

Showbiz Persons also condemn this incident 

The stars of Pakistan showbiz industry are also reacting to this heartbreaking video and expressing their regret. Pakistani actor duo Hamza Ali Abbasi and Neemal Khawar Khan have also tweeted about the incident. Sharing a Qur’anic verse about the greatness of father and mother in Islam, Nemal Khawar Khan said that “the wrath of Allah awaits this man”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also tweeted: “Ya Allah… I don’t have words… At all…can’t post that video… deleted it… Oh my God…deepest corner of hell awaits this demon who raised his hands on his old mother… DEEPEST MOST ROTTEN CORNER OF HELL”