How to make money on YouTube?

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If you are young and you have some free time, it is better to do some useful work on YouTube than to spend your free time for free on social media. By, this you will not only make money but it will also be beneficial for internet society.

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In this way, along with serving the society, there can be extra income and if you do it more seriously, you can earn more than the job.

Many people around the world are making millions of dollars a year using YouTube. All these people do is create videos based on unique ideas, and upload them to their channels. Sounds simple and easy to hear, doesn’t it?

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It’s also simple and easy.

For whom is it more beneficial?

First of all, it is important to clarify that anyone who is interested can do this. But creating video content is a difficult step. So it is more suitable for people who use video as a medium, such as creators, teachers, video blogs, journalists, artists, singers, journalism and mass communication students, etc.

Introduction to YouTube

As you know about YouTube, it is the most popular video-sharing website in the world where any person or company can upload their video, while anyone can watch this video without any membership.

YouTube does not charge any users for broadcasting videos or watching videos posted on YouTube (except for saleable video content).

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YouTube was founded in 2005, but its real development came when Google Inc. buy it in 2006. Now the question arises that when Google / YouTube is neither receiving money from viewers nor from video uploaders, who pay for YouTube?

Like TV and newspapers, Google and YouTube make huge profits from advertising. Remember that Google derives 95% of its total revenue from advertising.

You can make money from YouTube by following ways:

  1. YouTube Partnership Program
  2. AdSense Hosted Account

YouTube Partnership Program

Through this program, YouTube gives you a share of the revenue from the video you create. Not everyone is included in the YouTube Partnership Program, but there are some rules and regulations. If your video has something extraordinary and a large number of people like it. YouTube will include your videos in the YouTube Partnership Program, which can give you a reasonable income.

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The YouTube Partnership Program requires that your video content be standardized and relevant to the interests of as many viewers as possible so that as many people as possible subscribe to your channel.

AdSense Hosted Account

Many people are aware of this, but for those who are not aware of it, it is suggested that any website or blog site assigns the responsibility of advertising on its website to Google, which But Google publishes ads on its own, and the revenue from the ads is shared between Google and the website.

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Google AdSense is linked to millions of websites worldwide. Most of the major websites in Pakistan itself earn most of their revenue from Google AdSense.

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Another type of AdSense is the ‘AdSense Hosted Account’, which includes in-video ads on YouTube, with revenue generated at a certain rate between video uploaders and Google. The AdSense Hosted Account also has some rules and regulations. If you comply with Google’s policies, it can generate significant monthly revenue.

Establish a YouTube channel

If you are interested in video and you are over 18 years old, you can set up your own channel on YouTube, which is very easy to do. With just one email address, you can start your own channel on YouTube. There are many benefits to setting up your own channel on YouTube, including being completely free, being popular, automatically adding fresh video content to search engines, and more.

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What kind of content can be shared on YouTube?

YouTube allows registered account holders to broadcast unlimited video content, but it does have certain conditions, including that the content does not offend anyone, is not pornographic, or infringes copyright. No, that is, your own, no offensive material, etc. are included. Plus, you can broadcast any content you like.

But the most important thing is that the content is of interest to your viewers, otherwise your YouTube channel will not be popular, nor will you earn from it. Therefore, before preparing and uploading a video, it is very important to pay attention to the fact that it must have some element of people’s interest.

Before uploading any video to your channel, read YouTube’s rules and policies thoroughly, and do not upload any videos that are against YouTube’s program and policy, otherwise your channel or AdSense account can also be closed.

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Video Preparation


There are some basic things to keep in mind when creating video content. The most important thing is that it has good picture quality and good sound quality. HD quality videos are more popular these days.

Video should be short:

People on social media do not read and watch articles and videos that are longer, so the length should be appropriate. Creating and uploading a few minutes of video will be easier for you, and viewers won’t get bored.

When preparing videos for your channel, choose only topics that are of interest to your prospective viewers so that you do not have too much difficulty in getting viewers to your channel.

Popularize your channel

You set up your channel on YouTube, and uploaded good videos, but not only will you start earning money. But you will have to get your message across to your visitors/viewers, i.e. marketing your channel.

You can use social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for this. In addition, you can place regular ads on social media pages to increase your web traffic.

Increasing web traffic or marketing your channel is very important. Because Google AdSense revenue is tied to the number of visitors. AdSense ads that are aired on your video are paid per click. And YouTube generally pays some dollars on a thousand views. That means more web traffic for more revenue.

Learning YouTube from YouTube

Many people claim that they can help you earn money online, but it is common to see that most of them are frauds, and they have no special knowledge.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. You can find almost all the necessary information on YouTube itself. For this, there are video lectures on the subject of ‘Virtual University of Pakistan’ which can be very helpful in the preparation of video.

Here are the course codes for these programs.

  • MCD 403, Music Production
  • MCD 404, audiovisual editing

Many hours of videos are available online for free. You can search the course by name on YouTube and you will have the full video course available.

Final Words:

If you are interested in using video as a medium or you are already connected to this field. You should definitely try in this direction. It may bring you significant financial benefits.

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So don’t delay. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. What will be the maximum? You will fail and there will be no income. But you will still learn a lot, as Winston Churchill said, “Success is the name of the game, from failure to failure.”

That’s all about how to make money on Youtube. Stay tuned for more informational content.