How Teamwork Helps High School Students Succeed In Life

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Over time, you will learn that as you grow older, the more you need the support of family, friends, and associates to succeed. As the saying goes, no man is an island; people depend on each other for small things and big things.  A business owner needs employees to flourish, a shopkeeper needs the consumers, and a student needs the teachers and classmates to excel and vice versa. Teamwork is necessary for all areas of your daily life. Therefore, training students from a young age to rely on and interact with each other is essential for their success. Teamwork can impact your child’s future and enhance productivity and success in various areas of their life.

Social impact

Students participate in a range of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and group projects that require teamwork. Through these activities, the student learns how to interact with others, listen, and communicate without being rude. They learn to express their opinions confidently and respectfully. Their self-confidence increases when they contribute to ideas and share their opinion regularly. Self-confidence will enable them to be independent adults who can express themselves, solve conflicts, and relate well with other adults. Group activities and sports teams allow high school students to make friends and work on their confidence.

People who understand the importance of teamwork are often empathetic, loyal, reliable, and compassionate. They are always ready to help and can seamlessly coordinate group activities. They are also good friends. Shy students who participate in group activities at school can flourish into confident and outspoken adults.

Mental Impact

The mental state of an adult often refers back to his/her background. When you seclude yourself and do activities individually, you are less likely to be productive. That is because you rely on your intellect without a point of reference. You have no one to give you feedback or new concepts. When you are not productive or lack a support system, you can become depressed, experience anxiety, or develop low self-esteem. These outcomes can be detrimental to your mental health.

Teamwork improves your mental health because it builds your confidence, social skills, communication skills, and you get to make new friends. Therefore, by working on your ability to relate with others from an early age, you become a happier adult. You can take criticism without feeling attacked, you can reach out to people, and you learn to ask for help when you are having problems.

Professional impact

Teamwork is essential in a work environment. The success of the company relies on everyone working together to achieve the business goal. Teamwork can build employee morale, enhance creativity, and improve productivity; therefore, employers and employees need to relate well and work together. An adult who has a sense of teamwork can blend in and thrive in the workplace.

They know how to follow instructions and introduce new concepts to the workplace without fear and they can relate well with suppliers and customers, and they make exceptional team leaders. They have the skills to be objective leaders who aim for the success of everyone in the company.

A student who learns teamwork through school activities will implement the skills at the workplace in the future. The teachers need to emphasize the importance of teamwork so the educational institutions in Kuala Lumpur, such as the Global Indian International School (GIIS), can produce all-around students who excel in leadership roles and the entrepreneurial sector. A productive adult can gain access to lucrative careers and business ventures, which ensure financial stability in the future.

How to implement teamwork in school

The vast benefits of teamwork for a student make it essential for teachers to incorporate it into the school curriculum. A lot of schools in Kuala Lumpur adopt curriculums that highlight activities emphasizing teamwork between the students. You can enforce teamwork in school through:

  1. Class projects: The teachers can create class projects and assignments that require the students to work together. They can be divided into groups and given different class assignments.
  2. Sports: every school has a sports team for various sporting events. The school can encourage every student to engage in a sport or more. In this way, the students get to interact and support each other in training and sports competitions.
  3. School clubs: From debate club to art club, the clubs in these schools are many. They engage students in various co-curricular activities, which impact their education. Therefore, the students can join any of the clubs as a way of encouraging teamwork and self-expression. They come up with ideas and engage in competitions to boost critical thinking.

The students can also learn the importance of compassion by learning How Students Can Stay Positive Towards School and rely on each other. The vast resources at GIIS Kuala Lumpur encourage students to work together and help each other so that everyone is successful in the future. Teamwork is essential to accomplishing the 9GEMS Framework at GIIS Kuala Lumpur.