How much does it cost to build a progressive web app?

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Progressive web apps are considered as the future of web development. Introduced in 2015, PWAs gained influential impact in the marketplace since its launch. Resolving issues of native and responsive apps, PWA works flawlessly in all possible scenarios.

Before investing, many entrepreneurs think how much it cost to build a progressive web app? To be honest, there is no certain answer. However, the approximate cost of progressive web apps lies between $6,000 and $20,000. You can hire a reliable progressive web app development company to get the best services at cost-effective prices.

What affects progressive web application development costs?

There is no definite rate list however, everything depends on several factors. When you set out to develop a progressive web app, it is imperative to know all the crucial factors affecting the average cost of development.

The Project Scope with phase: A PWA development company will first evaluate your website concept and take a look at the scope of the project you have selected for your app. The viability of your website solution and its scope of the project will then be reviewed. On that basis, the final scope of the project would be considered along with a detailed list of features and supporting technologies.

Factors on which the cost of PWA depends are:

  1. Features & Functionality

The functionality of features implemented is the biggest driver in app development. UI/UX, buttons, amount of logic, and fields influence the complexity of the app. Implementation of some features can be complicated while others are comparatively simple to execute. Depending on the need to use third-party API code from the scratch, it increases the developer’s effort which leads to higher cost development.

Breakdown by basic features used in PWA are:

  • Login (Login with email – Login with social media – Forgot password option – Log out)

28 – 42 hours

$1400 – $2100

  • File uploading (Upload photo – Upload video – Video playback – Photo view)

20 – 30 hours

$1000 – $1500

  • Profile completion (Set region – Add photo)

23 – 29 hours

$1150 – $1450

  • Search (Basic search filters)

13 – 18 hours

$650 – $900

  • Basic messaging (Conversation details – Read/sent status – Send media files and documents)

160 – 170 hours

$8000 – $8500

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  • Push notifications (Users can receive push notifications)

25 – 32 hours

$1250 – $1600

  • Basic admin panel (Payment management- view payments – Refund)

23 – 44 hours

$1150 – $2200

  • Basic admin panel (Push notifications- custom notifications)

8 – 14 hours

$400 – $800

  1. Customization of Visual Design

Developing a unique user interface that attracts more customers is a complicated deed that provides additional expenses to your project. The use of standard elements while building a simple app is cost-effective. However, the use of custom features, icons, graphics, and the number of screens can upsurge the cost of PWA development.

  1. Location of a development team

The location of your app development team is a key factor influencing the final cost of PWA development. As the cost of developing a PWA or any other app is different in different regions depending on the resource value. The development team consists of:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Ui/UX Designer
  • Mobile App Engineer
  • QA Engineer

A properly created app can bring a great return on your investment. To ease the process, you can also use the app cost calculator to figure out the estimate of your app. All you need to answer a few questions and get an approximate cost within a few minutes.

Look for top 10 PWA app development companies offering reliable progressive web app solutions to achieve remarkable results in a shorter time.  Now when you ready to develop, here are a few steps that you should follow while outsourcing app development to avoid any risks in a later phase.

Top ways to outsource a progressive web app development company without any risks

  • Step1 – Know Your Requirements

Detailed information about your idea can help you discuss the real value of your project and the results you want from the project.

  • Step 2 – Research for an Appropriate Team

With increasing demand, many companies are offering the services. All you need to hire the best app development that delivers what is exactly needed. You can check their testimonials, reviews, and portfolio to hire the best PWA app development agency.

  • Step 3 – Select Service Model

While hiring PWA developers, you can choose among project-based, dedicated teams, and out staff working models. All three options have variable prices, consult your PWA development company for quality services in dedicated deadlines.


Undoubtedly, progressive web apps are beneficial to businesses if you are looking to advertise your brand and drive more traffic at a planned price. It proves to be a convenient solution for businesses that want to establish a lasting and renowned position in the marketplace.