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By Kaleem Ullah

One of the hottest trends in fashion is women’s straw cowboy hats. The origin of this trend can be traced to 1840s Louisiana Cajun country, where young women wore these headpieces as part of their daily attire. But it was not until actress Lauren Bacall and her fashionable friends made them famous during the 1940s that the look became stylish for women everywhere.

Styles and colors 

These days, cowgirl-style hats come in many styles and colors – from natural straw and soft weaves to suede and braided leather – but all have a distinctly western feel with upturned brims, low crowns, bows or band detail around the crowns or bands, exaggerated front dents, and other ornamental closures.

You can wear cowgirl-style hats with either casual or dressy outfits for a classy country look with the right accessories. But whatever you pair them with, keep in mind that these headpieces are designed to shield your face and eyes from sun exposure — which means you should always wear them facing forward rather than angled back on your head.

Although it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans, boots, western shirts, chaps, gun belts, and other cowboys/cowgirl attire when you wear women’s straw cowboy hats, this accessory gives off an air of refinement that can blend well with skirts or dresses too! You can also wear womens straw cowboy hats.

Cowboy hat styles 

Cowboy-style hats have come a long way since being strictly utilitarian in design. Check out these fun and fashionable ways to wear straw cowboy hats for women who want the look without necessarily living on a ranch.

One can wear women’s straw cowboy hats in a variety of styles and colors. A large western hat with a low crown looks best with long or short skirts. Pair women’s straw cowboy hats with an oversized sweater and knee-high boots. A large trench coat is another great option for those who want to dress up their cowgirl look for cooler weather.

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If you’re not into thick fabrics, then try a lightweight natural weave that will allow the breeze to flow through freely on hot summer days. Then accessorize your ensemble with brightly colored separates so you don’t blend in with the landscape too much!

Match with accessories 

Western accessories are all the rage these days, from ponchos to wide belts with large shiny buckles. Layer up your clothes with chunky sweaters, leather vests, and brightly patterned scarves for a good fit.

Women’s straw cowboy hats are perfect for girls who want to dress up their casual outfits without sacrificing comfort or warmth. One can wear straw cowboy hats at work too! Pair them with the newest in business fashion — knee-length pencil skirt, crisp white shirt, and blazer –then sneak in some western flair with matching pumps, color-coordinated jewelry, and a colorful silk scarf around your neck. Too much? Then go bold on accessories but keep the rest professional looking.

If you like to look casually polished even while lounging around the house, then layer women’s straw cowboy hats over soft knit beanies or headbands with earmuffs to keep your ears extra warm. It’s important to note that while you can wear all types of cowboy hats indoors, some are more formal than others, so don’t wear your suede cowgirl hat over the fireplace if you want to blend in!

Women’s straw cowboy hats are perfect for spring and summertime events like picnics at the park or outdoor weddings. Feel free to dress up this casual style like the young woman pictured here by pairing a women’s straw cowboy hat with a patterned sundress and strappy sandals. Or stay classic wearing it with jeans, a button-down shirt, and ballet flats.

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