Which women’s shoes are in fashion

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By John Wick

Fashionable shoes are a sign of your style and personality. 2021 offers a wide variety of shoes of different styles. And it is unlikely that this year it will be possible to get by with one pair of designers who have offered such a mass of ideas that you just have to choose and buy. Genuine textured leather is in fashion.

The main trend of the 2021 season is an interesting texture

A wide variety of leather textures presented in our stores will delight the most demanding customers. Textured skin of a reptile (snake and crocodile), various geometric patterns, the bright play of colors, extraordinary patterns are just a few that the designers have proposed this year. We would like to note that your style as a whole depends on the choice of texture. What do you choose: the audacity of reptiles or the elegance and playfulness of colors, it’s up to you! Or maybe all at once? After all, what you want to wear during the day and in the evening are completely different shoes.

What heel is in fashion now

Fashion for fur high heel boots is one of the most important and, perhaps, the most fickle. Every season, designers of famous fashion houses try to come up with something original and exotic in order to surprise, alarm, and excite at the same time. Like last year, the hairpin remains in fashion. So different and so dear. The top has studs of completely different heights for all occasions. The most defiant heel of 2021 is flared. These heels attract the attention of the brightest persons. Thick chunky flared heels slim your legs, make you especially intriguing, and make you stand out from the crowd.

About fashionable capes

Let’s talk about capes, such important elements that set the fashion for shoes in general. This year, a wide variety of models of all stripes are also presented. From narrow to square. The most important feature of this year, the capes are very strangely combined with heels. What previously seemed impossible is leading the way in 2021. For example, a custom combination of narrow capes and wide heels. The main trend of the 2021 season is sports shoes, shoes without heels, shoes reminiscent of men. And the more amazing the design, the more style there is in the models.

What color is in trend 2021

Speaking of color, I would like to highlight the mysterious green, the exciting burgundy, and the sophisticated blue. Non-standard color combinations, variegated colors are in fashion. Choosing the color of shoes in 2021, plunge into the mysterious world of shades, and choose exactly what reflects your character.

Trendy colors

The trendsetters recommend us classics that have been proven over the years. Black, milk, white, red are especially popular. Shades – rich, dense, noble.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are loved by many. It’s clear why: this is an ingenious way to make shoes comfortable, and a leg in them graceful. Open shoes on a solid platform look spectacular. These shoes or sandals can be a great weekend option for the summer.

Pumps with medium heels.

Classic black or beige pumps with medium heels are the most common type of shoes recommended by stylists.

These shoes do not have fasteners and are kept on the foot only due to the fit. A distinctive feature is a deep cut and the presence of a heel.

Pumps, like many other popular women’s shoes, evolved from men’s shoes common in 15th century Europe among servants. These were simple shoes without heels, often with a rounded toe. Over time, women drew attention to nondescript, flat shoes, and now the boats acquired a heel, they began to be decorated with buckles, ribbons, and other fashionable details.

It is difficult for modern fans of boats to imagine how it was possible to do without such stiletto heels, which are so common today. However, the French fashion designer Roger Vivier created shoes with a pointed toe and a thin heel 7-8 cm in height only in 1955. The most popular women’s shoes are not even 60 years old!