Top 5 Biggest Vintage Women Shoes Manufacturers

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You seem to have noticed that women’s fashion is more advanced than men’s fashion. Women have an urge to pick the latest fashion items before anyone else. Alongside picky, they are also possessive for fashion sense.

Vintage fashion has become a thing in 2020. When it comes to shoes, women will pay any cost to get that unique lavishing vintage shoes.

The vintage shoe collection has taken the present shoe fashion trend by storm. As a result, many wholesalers are considering entering this industry.

Here, we have prepared a list of the five biggest vintage women’s shoe manufacturers to help those wholesalers.

The following is the list of largest vintage women shoe manufacturers:

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo shoes need no introduction. All fashion-stars around the world have admired Jimmy Choo’s vintage shoes. Their shoes have a delightful, elegant embroidered textile cover.

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Colorful embroidery portrays the beauty of early summer, and the beautiful glitter applied to color is only wonderful. Jimmy Choo vintage shoes can be paired with long, formal skirts as well as short summer clothes. Their specialty is that they make handmade women’s shoes. The level of comfort of their shoes makes them expensive yet very popular. That is what makes these shoes one of the best and most demanded vintage shoes around the world.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is another big name in manufacturing vintage shoes for women. This wholesale business of shoes can provide you variation between an ankle boot and mule. The colorful sole makes it obvious to the shoe lover that the manufacturer is Christian Louboutin.

Their attractive pair of vintage shoes are made from pure leather. A sleek pointed toe and a contrast strap contribute to the charm of the pair of shoes. Women consider it an honor to wear vintage shoes by Christian Louboutin.

If you want to start an online wholesale business for women’s vintage shoes, then you simply cannot ignore the Christian Louboutin shoes.


MIUMIU vintage shoes are popular among women around the world. Besides good quality and being vintage, the reason for their popularity is the affordable prices. You can find many online marketplaces with attractive deals on MIUMIU vintage shoes.

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Customers who buy women’s shoes in bulk online save more than those who shop only in retail stores and vintage shops. You can buy MIUMIU vintage shoes at inexpensive wholesale rates and earn huge profits by selling them.

Steven Madden 

Steve Madden’s 90s ballerina shoes have gained popularity worldwide. The good thing is that they are again available at stores. Women can carry off the same casual look with these awesome slinky platform shoes. This revival has fascinated all those women who have been in love with these super comfortable vintage sandals. Moreover, they offer moderate prices for their top-notch quality shoes which is a plus point when it comes to buying in bulk. The Steven Madden vintage shoes are the best in quality and durability.

Jessica Simpson

Women can enhance every package by matching it with Jessica Simpson shoes. Keeping in line with its open and welcoming fashion approach, this brand offers a range of eye-catching styles that are both convenient and attractive.

From sky-high stiletto heels to plain sandals, you can find a variety of designs to pick from.  If you want to buy women’s shoes in bulk, you can get an extensive range of women vintage shoes from Jessica Simpson.


It is always important to follow current fashion trends. Moreover, acknowledging the essentials for identifying an authentic manufacturer can help you a lot. You should make sure to pick the right manufacturer for purchasing vintage shoes for women. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you select the best vintage women’s shoe manufacturer.