6 Cool Edit Tricks You Can Learn In Under 5 Minutes

A video that has been produced perfectly is good to watch. It can lead to an increase in your likes overnight, right? So all you need to do is to ensure you come up with something that your audience will find worth watching. Editing used to be a strenuous process that was reserved for the experts.

But not in the present times. With the continuous advent of new technology, the emergence of online video editor tools has simplified the editing process. So, you can click here to start using an effective online video editor. It is fast and has everything ranging from templates, effects, tools, and many more. All of these will save you a lot of time and money.

As an editor, you have to be in the know of anything that will help your end product to be of high quality. With the existence of several editing tricks, you might feel drained having to learn them all. This is because of the time and the technical aspect. But there are cool tricks that you can learn in under 5 minutes. If you are interested in knowing them then you are not reading this by mistake.  Read below to find out some of these tricks.

1: Use of Jump Cuts

You can use jump cuts to add that striking finish to your videos but it’s important to get it right. Jumpcut can assist you to remove content that is not helping your plot while tagging your audience along. You can also use jump cuts to improve the way your video flows. This is by helping you skip gaps and pauses for your content to flow easily. Jump cuts greatly assist YouTubers to conceal pauses in between the speeches. You will attest to the fact that jump cuts are useful in editing. It is a trick that you can easily learn.

2: Use of Colours

Adding color to your video is one of the tricks that you cannot afford to overlook. This is especially if you get it right. With an online video editor, you have the freedom of choosing a template that pleases you and customizes it. The major trick that lies within color is adjusting your video to achieve basic consistency.

This is something that you can also call a color correction. When you take shots from lighting conditions that do not match, they can appear jarringly different. This is when you place them in an adjacent position during editing. You can use an online video editor to adjust the contrast and brightness, the beauty of this is that you don’t need any sophisticated skills to be able to do this.

3: Adding Text to a Video Using an Online Video Editor

Adding Text to a Video Using an Online Video Editor

Texts can help you to emphasize the crucial sections of your script. They can pass instructions, exclusive offers, locations, and slogans among other things. You have the option of picking from subheadings, body texts, and even static headings that may appear on your video like a standard text box.

It is possible to adjust the text from the menu of the editor. You can also add the text using an online video editor without much effort. You only need basic knowledge to proceed to add the text during editing. Generally, this is a trick that you can learn easily compared to the rest.

4: Use of B Roll Clips

When it comes to the art of storytelling, B roll has your back because it helps you tell your story by providing visual interest and context. You can also use B roll to set the tone, to attain flexibility in your editing process, to conceal errors or gaps, break the monotony and establish characters. If you want your video to stand out and be rated well which will, in turn, increase your likes then you may consider using this because it takes less than 5 minutes to learn.

5: Gentle Motion

Gentle Motion

Including motion keyframes in your video can gradually shift the scale of a great resolution photograph by adding interest to the sequence. This is excellent for fixing still images in the video that you are working to perfect. The still images will spring to life the moment they cease to be static images.

This trick will help you a lot especially in catching the attention of your audience. Who will dare watch something that they find boring anyway? You will agree that no one can do that. This process has been made a lot easier especially with some of the features of an online video editor. Relax and be open to explore new tips and tricks.

6: Adding Audio

You don’t need to be a pro in editing video when you want to use an online video editor. You can add a soundtrack that you find awesome to your video with the use of an online editor. It is very simple to do this. And it is one of the tricks that can help you achieve the intended results. You have to make sure the audio is right before uploading your video.

This is because you don’t want your audience skipping your video because of audio issues. So just get it right. You can do a lot to your audio to suit what you want. This is without taking a lot of your time learning.

Final Thoughts

These tricks that you learn in less than 5 minutes can save you from making an obvious blunder in your work. If you use them right, falling into the trap of common pitfalls from time to time will be a thing of the past. Knowing the tricks can be a fundamental part of the process that will lead to your success.

Since information is power, you have been informed about the cool edit tricks that can transform your dreams into a reality. So step out and learn the cool tricks that are currently in existence that can help you to stand out from the rest.

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