Here’s How You Can Win Rs. 1 Crore In PUBG Mobile Pakistan Tournament 2020

PUBG Mobile has introduced a special PUBG Mobile tournament for Pakistani players to promote eSports in Pakistan. THE latest PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge 2020 will start this month. The prize money of PUBG Mobile Pakistan is 1 Crore Pakistani rupees.

How to register for the PUBG Mobile Pakistan tournament 2020?

Pakistani PUBG players who want to participate in PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge can register themselves on PUBG Mobile Pakistan’s official website. You have to provide details about your squad or team during registration for this tournament. When the registration process will be completed you will be redirected to the tournament matches detail page.

Further, do you know which players are best in the PUBG Mobile game? Here is the list of the top 5 pubg players in Pakistan.

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Note: The last date to register for the tournament is the 15th of November 2020.

Details about Tournament Stages and Other Important Dates:

  • The first round of this tournament is the in-game qualifying round which will be starting on 16th November and will end on 22nd All the tournament participants must have to pass the qualifying round by completing 15 classic matches. 10 of the best games of each team will be chosen out of the 15 played to determine the top 265 teams to qualify for the next round based on their scores.
  • The second stage is the online playoffs: This stage will begin on the 2nd of December and last until the 6th of December. The qualified teams will be divided into 16 groups, which will compete across 16 matches in Round 1. The top 7 teams in each group (112 teams’ total) will be selected for Round 2, which will have a bit of a twist. Other than the 112 qualifying teams from Round 1, Round 2 will also bring in 10 additional teams from Round 1, which had the highest number of kills. But the real twist here will be the 6 professional teams that will also be invited to compete.

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  • The third stage is the semi-finals: Out of the 128 teams in the second stage, 64 will enter the semi-finals. At this stage, teams will again be split into groups of 4 for a total of 20 matches. The top 16 teams in this stage will qualify for the next and make it to the grand finals.
  • The fourth and last stage is the grand finale: The 16 teams will play back-to-back matches until a single winning team is left out for the grand prize and the trophy.


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