How to Rapidly Grow your Instagram Followers in 2021?

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By John Wick

Have you recently checked out the Instagram demographics? The said platform has now a whopping 1 billion active users worldwide! People simply fell in love with the interface and ease of use of this photo-sharing social network and for the right reasons. It emerged as a different, entertainment-rich, and fun social media platform. And the best part? The user engagement levels are sky-high!

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So, if you are an entrepreneur or an influencer, here is a fun fact. 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business! This shows the incredible potential the platform has for marketers and businesses. And this doesn’t stop there. Brands have led to the birth of the concept of influencers and collaborations. And as we see, they have a massive following too as their marketing potential is outstanding. Even companies like Charter Internet have explored the possibilities of collaborations to promote their plans!

Let’s explore some of the most surefire tactics to increase your audience on Instagram.

Post More Frequently

The minimum would be once a day. The frequency of your posts essentially affects follower growth as well as engagement rate. The more often you post, the more likely it is to get more Instagram followers and likes. Various surveys have verified this. If you start sharing 1-6 posts a week, you can double the rate of your follower growth!

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Therefore, post consistently on your Instagram. Brands with a regular flow of posts on Instagram see great results. You should also know that the algorithmic timeline of Instagram considers consistency as a key element to having your posts seen by people. The consistency has also to do with your content appearing on top of the timeline. If your posts are getting good engagement and are shared on a regular basis, then it is likely that the algorithm places your posts in the followers’ feeds.

Keep Your Hashtag Game Strong

The concept of hashtags was essentially introduced on Instagram. And now it’s a never-ending trend on Instagram and other social media forums. But still, they are more relevant to Instagram as hashtag fatigue is a concept unknown to Instagram users. With the right hashtags and even location tags, your posts can be exposed to a massive targeted audience.

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Since hashtags have become so popular, it is even possible to follow hashtags on Instagram. You can search hashtags and the posts with the same hashtag will appear. Posts with both hashtags and location tags get to have the highest average engagement. Study them and create quality hashtags. Because hashtags are your best bet to grow a fast following on Insta.

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Also, note that if you are focusing on maximum engagement, the optimal number of hashtags is nine. Instagram originally allows max 30 hashtags a post. We recommend Task Ant an Instagram hashtag generator. It is the best tool for generating Instagram hashtags.

Try Live Videos, Videos, and Stories

Instagram started off as a photo-sharing social network. But now it has massively grown beyond photos. Now it offers features videos, stories, and live videos. You can get creative with the types of content now to target and engage better with your audience and fans. Check out the following compelling reasons to experiment more with different types of content:

  • For video content, the engagement rate is growing faster than that for photos.
  • Going live on Instagram gives you the opportunity to get more exposure as it appears right on the stories to feed.
  • Around 400 million people see Instagram Stories every day.
  • Brands have repeatedly reported that stories have been highly effective in their social media strategy.

Share More User-Generated Content

Embrace user-generated content and share it more often. Brands have been featuring quality user-generated content on Instagram and other social media forums. They give credit to the original content create whilst sharing it. sharing the unique stories and experiences of your users with your products ensures more following and engagement.

Collab, Collab, and Collab Some More

Last but not least, collaborating with others is a great way to extend your reach on the said social media forum. You get to grow your following with these ventures. Consider doing sponsorships and partnerships to get more exposure and following.

For instance, makeup brands have been massively collaborating with self-taught as well as professional MUAs across the globe. They send PR packages to esteemed and popular influencers and they showcase their products and record video tutorials to help people use them. They share makeup hacks, their experience with those products, and so much more. The result? Both the influencer and the brand get more followers and engagement.

Similarly, providers like Spectrum home internet service have collaborated with tech gurus to share their tips and hacks to improve internet speeds, protect your bandwidth from hackers, and other pro tips. Collaborations continue to benefit brands in gaining more popularity and following.