Tips On How To Hire A Bartender At Your Event

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Planning your wedding or hosting an event can be daunting; there’s so much to think about. Keeping the guests happy at a wedding is a tough task in itself, and making sure everyone is getting their drinks is a top priority, be it for the bride’s side of the family or the groom’s.

Hiring a bartender is not something that can be rushed; there are factors that you must consider and keep in mind like the liquor laws in the state where the event is being held?

What the budget you’ve decided on your event? What is the magnitude of your event? How many guests will be attending? All these factors need to be considered before deciding on a bartender, if you are looking to hire a bar for the night check out Mobile Bar Hire Essex for the best in bar and mixologist hire.

Here are some things you and your partner should think about before hiring a mobile bar sydney:

What Kind Of Bartending Services Would Be Suitable For Your Event?

Many people misunderstand the terms and conditions they hire bartenders, so make sure to get all your doubts out of your way beforehand. If your venue for the event offers you waiting for staff and other managing services, you need a bartender that will only make the drinks; in this case, you should go for bartenders inclusive of other services.

In such cases, the bartender will only prepare the drinks for the agreed-upon hours and then take their leave. But this only works if you already have a serving staff, if not all the things like setting the bar up, putting drinks on ice, managing the glassware, and clean up after the event ends will all be up to you.

In case your venue does not offer to wait for staff and other cleanup services, you must hire bartending services that will take care of everything. As the event director, you must also check that the bar staff have completed their Victorian RSA Certification and they have all accreditation that is up to date.

What Kind Of Drinks Would You Like Your Guests To Be Served?

The first thing you’ll need to decide is which kind of liquor do you and your partner prefer and which drinks will be appropriate for your guests? An ongoing trend is where there are two types of drinks served at an open bar at the event, these drinks are labeled as His and Hers, and these are the favorite drinks of the bride and the groom.

An Estimate Of Alcohol Consumption

Make sure to estimate the alcohol consumption beforehand and order the drinks accordingly. It is a rough guess that your guests will have a glass or two upon arrival and have another glass after 1 hour during the event.

After calculating the average amount of drinks your guests are most likely to consume, you can order the drinks with a better chance of the bar still running at the end of the event, of course, you can ask for additional drinks if you do run out. Still, most bartending services charge extra in such cases.

Staff ratio

The staff ratio determines how many bartenders will serve how many guests, it is recommended that you get one bartender to serve the first 50 to 70 guests, and the other bartender can serve the guests. If you’re going for a full bar, make sure to have a clear list posted so that the guests can order without wasting time, and the bartenders can do their job easily.

For dinner and table service you’ll need a bigger staff to make sure everyone is getting their champagne, depending on the number of guests you have invited.

Double-checking the bartending services

Before the event, make sure to pay a visit to the bartending service at least once, the wedding bartenders often allow new clients to observe their work at some other event. Try to look up the bartenders online and check out their reviews, make sure that the service you’re trying to hire is legit and has an operational license.

Also, make sure to visit the venue with your bartending staff to be made clear that how much space will be allocated for the bar and how much equipment can be supported by the venue without causing the area to clutter and disturb the flow of the event.

Liquor provider

Make sure to get one thing straight, that is; who is going to provide the liquor? Many bartending services provide only the service for pouring the liquor instead of selling or providing the liquor. If the bartenders don’t have the license, they cannot provide the liquor; they can only offer you their services (labor). The liquor provider also depends on which state of US you are having the event because rules change from state to state.

Making sure you get the right package

This is the most obvious thing of all, but to be extra careful, you must ask for all the details added to your package. Most of the time, people will just assume that they will be given services that aren’t even included in the package, such as fancy glassware, printed menu and printed handouts and liquor listings, High ball ice, or Collins ice, etc. It is vital that you get all the questions out of the way beforehand so that you can have the perfect reception or event.

Additional tips for hiring bartenders:

Here are a few additional tips that can help you while you hire a bartender:

  • Allow the bartenders to keep the tips! This can be very helpful to them.
  • For a cheap bartender, try to post a request online, like craigslist, and hire them, because while the bartending services do offer a lot of benefits, they can be pretty expensive.
  • To cut down on your expense, ask the bartending service whether you can send bartenders back right after dinner because you won’t be needing too many bartenders after the guests have had dinner. By doing this, you may be able to save some cash.


Planning a wedding or event can be stressful, but with mindful planning and a systematic schedule, you can make the best day of your life even more wonderful!