Gifts for Children Who Love Animals

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By Admin Desk

If there is an animal lover among the children in your family, you may be looking beyond another stuffed animal for the next birthday or holiday. Thinking creatively can really help you inspire the next generation to learn more about and become an advocate for their furred and feathered friends.


There are many inspiring stories that feature animal protagonists or wonderful animal sidekicks. Introduce your young friend to books about horses Roy WA or the Lassie adventure stories. Search any bookseller website for a curated list featuring all types of friendly beasts appropriate for any age. To add depth to the experience, including both fiction and nonfiction books about the animal of choice.


Most local zoos and aquariums offer animal experiences for a limited number of guests. Imagine the wonder in your child’s eyes as he gets to feed an okapi or wash an elephant. Keep your eye out for summer junior zookeeper or Humane Society pet camps. Youngsters learn about animals, help create enrichment toys, and tour behind the scenes.


Give your nephew a t-shirt with an octopus on the front and someone is sure to ask about it. Encourage children to share what they know by letting them display their favorite creatures on jackets, backpacks, and even hats with ears or tentacles.


Backyard photography can be exciting with a motion sensor camera set near a squirrel’s nest or fox’s den. Help your young relative learn the patience and persistence that are necessary skills in wildlife watching. Even if you don’t live nearby, make a weekly video chat date to see what woodland or backyard animals the camera captured.

Learning about wildlife and animals in general is sure to make the next generation kinder and gentler. Encourage their interest by supplying them with gifts where they can explore and learn about the beasts of the air, land, and sea.