Celebrate Kids’ Birthday Party in Dubai with Unicorn Cake

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Unicorn is a renowned or well-known creature considers more legendry in ancient times known as a beast with one long sharp strengthening or spiraling horn foretelling from its forehead. The unicorn portrayed in antiquity seal of the Indus Valley Civilization. In the Bible, an animal reem also mentioned a variety of times as a unicorn or wild ox. European illustrate unicorn as a white horse, or in some places known as a tremendously wild woodland creature.

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Unicorn shape is relatively unusual and belief it a sign of good luck, so it perceived that an assortment of unicorn shape cakes make just to please the kids because kids enjoy different favorite cartoon characters or shapes and the unicorn is a quite demanding cake on their events.

Unicorn cake offers a grand celebration with different rainbow designs that are accessible in Dubai at your order and the bakeries also facilitate their customers by urgent delivery. Unicorn cakes make the party more thrilling that will be remembered for a very long time. Unicorn cake is almost in shape of unicorn and perfects for a themed party either it’s your daughter or a son, and leave your kids with this magical party with many months in imagination.

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn precisely depicts as an amalgam of a hybrid animal. So its shape is much liked by the kids and it is simply known by everyone that birthdays are the perfect time or occasion to enjoy with all your friends and family, that’s why unicorn cake is the major attraction of a birthday party which adds fun or sweetness as well. The mouthwatering or delightful unicorn cakes with fantastic range are available in almost all the famous confectionery shops or bakeries in Dubai.

Unicorn cake idea first starts with Jenna Rae the best bakery shop in Canada, and from that, it got much common and considered the best cake for a birthday event especially for kids with different exciting ideas.

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Birthday unicorn cake topped with a gold fondant unicorn horn and ears and is flavored with vanilla or any other your favorite one and mostly manage it in six layers and at the end icing it with buttercream to obtain the unicorn look.

Here are some popular birthday unicorn cakes:

  • Birthday unicorn cake with princess crown
  • Black and gold unicorn birthday cake
  • Zombie birthday unicorn cake
  • Autumn-themed birthday unicorn cake
  • Unicorn cake with a diamond choker

Unicorn Cake Design

Unicorns are the most astounding or dazzling mythical creature adored by both the children and adults. Unicorn dream based creatures have directed to grasp everybody’s consideration in a very less period. The unicorn brightly designs inspired in foods, drinks, and other accessories and becomes famous on all social media platforms its birthday cake becomes more popular among kids. The cake is covered with white frosting that is the hot favorite of kids.

Unicorn Magical Cakes Ideas or Designs

Here some admired unicorn cakes ideas and designs that are much liked by people are:

Jellybean Unicorn Cake

 The plain sheet cake with multi-colored buttercream mane, with one long horn and two ears and some fluttering lashes, this all craft the cake a drastic unicorn look, and at last to cover the sides with a layer of jelly beans create an ideal unicorn cake.

Unicorn Style Cake

This cake crafted over two tiers with rainbow hair, and gives a great look by a sweetie border and fully decorates with hearts.

Hand-Painted Unicorn Cake

Hand-painted unicorn cake is famous among girls crazy about unicorn cakes and its style and is also perceived that girls are innocent as the unicorn is.

Unicorn Drip Cake with Meringue wings

The meringue wings, golden color single horn, and golden lashes with four-layered of unicorns swirl and topped iced in buttercream this all give a great look with white chocolate drip painted in gold luster.

Sugar Greek Show

This cake features a round shape top with white ganache covering, its candy unicorn horn is quite famous a delicious appetizing buttercream manes marble attracts its viewers.

Unicorn Cup Cakes

Unicorn cupcake is the party most wanted items could be part of any birthday party because this treat will make everyone happy as its taste is also very superb. These cupcakes are ideal for different parties.

Cupcake Recepten

Kids, as well as adults, love to eat unicorn cakes, especially cupcakes when dressing up with swirled buttercream, unicorn horn gives a creamy taste.

Serve Colorful Unicorn Treats

A birthday party or any other ceremony food will be the most impressive part of that party, all the guests will be more entertained if the whole party themed with unicorn items, as unicorn fudges, unicorn cakes or cupcakes, colorful unicorn ice-cream, and unicorn popcorns, etc.

Rainbow Unicorn Cake

A simple cake easily turns into a unicorn rainbow cake with a little effort. A unicorn cake decorating kit is also available by which you can make your sponge cake into unicorn cake by using your magical masterpiece tricks.

Rainbow drip cake with gold luster, a unicorn party decoration, balloons, and other party accessories these all things when combined then craft your little angel in an unforgettable pleasure. The rainbow different seven colors in a cake build it more beautiful, soft charming, magical, whimsical, and unique they all qualities, when wrapped in one, give a great party idea. Rainbow unicorn cakes are much common in Dubai and a part of many birthday parties.

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The seven colors of the rainbow when added in a unicorn sponge, then entertainment is guaranteed, as all the soothing colors, the edible wings, a multi-colored horn, lashes, and lovely taste make the guest crazy.

Unicorn cake is a big deal, as legendry unicorn could never be confined alive it always symbolizes good luck and innocence. It is much well-known among people because of its uniqueness. The unicorn cake with amazing lashes is common that food is the main lure of every party unicorn cakes are most famed and kids crazy about its taste in a delightful way.