Favouritable’s Online Food Ordering System Has Everything A Restaurant Needs

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Online food ordering systems have existed for long now. But the need for the same has increased tremendously because of the current situation. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, both restaurants and customers are preferring to order food through online ordering systems. This is where the need for services like Favouritable comes into the scene.

Favouritable is a popular online food ordering system in the UK that strives to offer you the best services. They help you to maximize your performance and profits through their platform. They provide both collection and delivery services.

A service like Favouritable is very essential for restaurants these days. They provide many useful features that will help you manage your restaurant more efficiently. If you want to know more about Favouritable, then we have reviewed the site below.

What do Favouritable offer?

Favouritable offers an array of services to its clients. Each of these services is carefully thought out and provided to help your business. With the help of this site, you can profitably grow your restaurant business.

Pre Order

As you already know, social distancing has become the need of the hour. This has made pre-ordering to become the new normal for both the restaurants and customers.

Favouritable serves as a powerful booking engine to help you receive orders and deliver to customers on time. You can also take orders in advance to reduce the pressure of same-day delivery and spread it across the week. This way you can start preparing before the clock starts ticking for collection or delivery.


You can also get more orders by attracting more customers. This site will help you with their integrated special promotions and offers module. You can use this feature to personalize offers so that your customers can redeem them at the time of checkout.

Online Payment

Favouritable also gives you an online payment option. This eliminates the need to get any merchant services for your business. With the help of this platform, you can receive payments within minutes. The money will be directly sent to your bank account. This will give the full control over all your payments.


Increasing volumes can lead to overselling. But with the in-built stock management system, you can define your stock item level. This will prevent you from overselling. It will also give you real-time stock updates. Not just that but it can also register rejections or cancellations of the order automatically into the system.

Waiting List

Handling all your orders can be a tough job. This is why this site offers you the waiting list feature that allows for strategic planning. With this feature on-board, you don’t have to turn your guests away even if all your slots are full.

Collection & Delivery

Favouritable provides you a single platform for delivery and collection. They also offer the choice for combined or separate levels for delivery and collection. You can also define custom rules for delivery charges based on minimum order value and location.

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Here are some of the main features that make Favouritable every restaurant owner’s favorite:

User-friendly interface

The site comes with a user-friendly interface so that you don’t find it difficult to handle. This makes delivery and collection of orders easy to handle.

Powerful dashboard 

The site also provides you a powerful dashboard using which you can analyze, plan, and optimize your daily sales. This will provide you highly important information based on which you can take your decisions. Not just that but it also helps you to keep track of the previous week’s sales and compare it.

Mobile app

They also have a mobile app which is available for free. For your convenience, you can use the app instead of the website.  Favouritable is one of the top online ordering systems right now. It provides you all the services you need with a user-friendly platform.  Find more information here.