17 Shocking Celebration Plans for Birthdays Which Makes A Unique Birthday

Birthday celebrations are a perfect excuse for friends and loved ones to assemble and have fun. It is a joyous moment that most people look forward to. When a mother receives her bundle of joy, it becomes the most memorable and happy moment of her life. As time goes by, she can’t wait to celebrate her baby’s first birthday. However, different countries have some fun 30th bday ideas, while others will shock you with their cultural methods. Some don’t even acknowledge birthdays, while others skip the intrinsic cake. Keep reading to find more of these;

1: India

The birthday celebrant in India starts the day by showing respect to his parents, symbolized by touching his parent’s feet. Then the celebrant wears new clothes and visits a place of worship for thanksgiving.

2: Korea

A Korean baby gets showered with cash for his first birthday, which comes wrapped in bows. The celebrant eats a delicious healthy seaweed soup for breakfast, known as Mi-yeok-guk.  Apart from birthdays, many celebrations are celebrated in Korea even if it is only to say thank you for your support to a beloved.

3: China

Children celebrating their first birthday receive gifts decorated with tiger prints. According to Chinese culture, a tiger acts as a child protector. The child is then tonsured, symbolizing a spiritual renewal. An intricate meal of oodles of noodles or in Chinese Chang Shou Mian is a must serve to express heaps of life.

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4. Germany

A birthday celebrant in German can have a tea party that includes savories such as raisin cake and cookies with hot chocolates. Listen to this most shocking thing; if you are a man in your thirty and single, you will receive a broom to sweep the city hall’s stairs, and your friends, add salt to injury by throwing garbage at you. Oh, that can’t be hype ways to celebrate 30th birthday at all.  

5: Nigeria

These guys can go from small to extravagant, depending on the children’s milestones. They are mostly between ages 5, 10, to 15. However, their cultural delicacy of Jollof rice must be on the menu. The celebrant receives gifts through a game known as “pass the parcel” where a parcel passes around, and when the music stops while it’s on your hands, you have to open the package to reveal what’s inside.

6: Egypt

Egyptians will decorate the birthday venue with beautiful flowers and fruits, which symbolizes life and growth.

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7: Japan

Unlike other cultures, it’s shocking to learn that first and second birthdays don’t get acknowledged in Japan. Their milestones start from three. When a child turns between 3-7, a parent takes him to the Shichi-go-san Festival held yearly on 15th November.

8: New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s ways to celebrate 30th birthday, the guests have to sing very loudly to the birthday celebrant. Then they will clap thirty times plus an extra one for wishing him good luck.

9: Australia

Australians love to serve buttered bread adorned with sprinkles. They call it Fairy bread.


These guys believe Tet, which is the New Year’s beginning as their birthday. There are no personal birthday celebrations. During Tet, adults give envelopes of cash to the children.

11: Serbia

Again, here personal birthdays don’t happen. Instead, they honor and celebrate Krsno Ime or Krsna Slava, for they have religious and ethnic roots. It commemorates the Serb’s conversion to Christianity.

12: Ghana

Ghanaian’s are quite popular with their spicy soul food. The birthday celebrant starts his day with an Oto. It is a patty made of fried sweet potatoes or yam mashed and served with eggs.

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13: Russia

Don’t get surprised when you get invited to a Russian birthday party, and you don’t find a cake. What you will find instead is a delicious homemade pie personalized with the celebrant’s name. The flavor may differ according to the birthday guy’s choice.

14: Sweden

Feel royal when presented with princess cake for your big day—filled with marzipan(a tasty paste of almond), topped with green fondant with some sugar sprinkles.

15: Mexico

Mexican cuisines are such a delight, and any party is a fiesta. When invited to a Mexican’s birthday, expect to find the apparent traditional pinata. The celebrant and the guests have to eat this soft rice pudding.

16: Ireland 

During an Irish birthday celebration for a child, bumping is a tradition that must take place. An adult will carefully turn the celebrant kid upside down. Gently he’s head will get bumped on the floor the number of times that equals the years attained.

17: Canada

You will probably get shocked to find a Canadian, greased and smeared with butter on the nose during his birthday. Could he have fallen inside a butter can? Nope! It’s a tradition they use to wade off bad luck from the celebrant known as “buttered nose.”

In conclusion, how shocking to find the most unusual ways that most traditional families celebrate. Using some of these unique ways can be super fun 30th bday ideas to mark your milestone. If you are spontaneous, give them a try. Now you know how your friends from different cultures celebrate their big day. However, wishing a loved one a happy birthday before the actual day, from Germany, Greece may bring bad luck.

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