3 Practical Tips for Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt for Men

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The simplest things in life are always the hardest to get and this is most apt for the wardrobe staple of all time – the humble t-shirts.

This 100 plus year old basic started off as underwear and gradually made its way to being the workwear and has now become an essential style statement and naturally, it is hard to find a man who has never used this humble attire.

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This is one apparel that is great for working out, jogging, going out on a date, or even shopping. Whether it is hanging out with buddies or lounging at home, t-shirts are an all-time favorite. Apart from that, these also act as sports memorabilia with loads of logos and head for the collectibles.

Usually, other than the necklines and the print, there is hardly anything you look for while buying a t-shirt. But according to the experts, there is a lot more that you need to consider at the time of purchasing the perfect t-shirt. You can also add a jacket to your outfit, do check streetwear hoodies online.

Here are some tips on How to Choose a Perfect T-Shirt for Men…

Get the Fit Right

The perfect fitted t-shirts help in accentuating the masculine silhouette. Irrespective of your building, a t-shirt can make you look more masculine. For that, it is essential to choose the perfect fit without looking like the skin-tight type for the workout. Here is a guide for the perfect fitted t-shirt –

a) Sleeves – The t-shirt should be well-fitted around the arms which are not extended up to the elbow. Opt for the shorter sleeves if you have bigger arms for flaunting your guns.

b) Shoulders – The seams of the t-shirt must sit perfectly on the shoulder edge.

c) Stomach – The top should be able to confirm with the body curvature. If it is too loose your body shape won’t be visible. Again, if the t-shirt is over-tight every detail of your tummy will be visible. The best one is a tapered cut that does not drape the waistline.

d) Length – Your t-shirt should be quite long to be tucked inside the trousers but not so long that it gets bunched out at the waist. The right t-shirt should extend slightly past the hipbone and cover the waistband of the pants.

e) Neck – At the time of raising the arms, there must not be a big gap around the neck. It must not be too tight so that you cannot move around easily.

The rightly fitted t-shirt must not be restrictive and must permit comfortable movement. You should wear skin-tight t-shirts just for sports.

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Opt for the Perfect Size

Each and every manufacturer provides the apparel in 3 basic sizes like Small, Medium, and Large. You may also get the styles in Extra Large size. The men’s garments should conform to 5 basic body structures –

a) Oval – The oval body normally includes a softer middle and larger frame.

b) Rectangular – This implies that your waist and shoulders are of the same width which offers a rectangular shape.

c) Trapezoid – In this case, the waist is narrower than the shoulders. You can associate this body type with Hollywood heartthrobs or sportspersons.

d) Inverted Triangle – This is an extreme type of trapezoid body. The waist is much narrower and the ratio of shoulder-to-waist is an inverted triangle.

e) Non-inverted Triangle – The exact opposite of the inverted type body, this body type comes with a waist that is broader than the shoulders.

 For those with wide waists (wider than the shoulders), you should opt for the loose-fitted t-shirts that are not tight on the belly but flow evenly to the hips.

Focus on Quality

This is the most essential feature without which no t-shirt is worth it. The apparel is available at a variety of prices, fabrics, and brands but you cannot ignore the high-grade clothing.

The quality of the clothing should be of paramount importance even if you have to invest a bit more for that. Such a t-shirt lasts long and maintains color, shape, integrity, and fit. The high-quality options must have attention to detail and meticulous tailoring and that also raises the appeal of the attire.

So while purchasing the t-shirt of your choice keep in mind the aforementioned points.  Nowadays, quite a few reputed brands are also offering you the liberty to design the t-shirts with the help of t-shirt design software. You can also try that for getting the perfect t-shirt that brings forth your creative bent of mind.