Frozen Hanna Lake Quetta Balochistan

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Frozen Hanna Lake Quetta Balochistan

The valley of Quetta is inundated with a severe cold today, and in the cold weather, the waters of the beautiful Hanna Lake have become frozen. Valley Quetta is presenting scenes as the weather returns 20, 25 years ago, it can be estimated that in a valley surrounded by 400 mountains, the temperature is below freezing point in less than a week. ۔


Quetta recorded a low of minus 6 degrees Celsius two days ago and this is the case with the low westerly cold today. Due to the cold, the waters of Hannah Lake near Quetta have also become ice. On the surface of the lake, ice layers can be clearly seen, where water has also turned into ice pellets.  Water sports, including canoeing and rowing, have also been affected by the freezing of water at Hannah Lake, as well as a series of boat trips for tourists there.

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During the cold winters, Siberian birds have also arrived at Hannah Lake, which can be seen sitting, flying, and pondering on the lake and the sides. These beautiful landscapes are a delight for visitors, as the return journey of these seasonal birds from Lake Hannah begins in late February.