Five Reasons Why One Should Care About Fitness

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Reasons to care about fitness: Some of us are in the impression that exercise and fitness are for overweight people. They are not. Becoming and staying fit is now crucial for everyone. People who live in an urban setting need to exercise more regularly. To exercise and staying fit, is not a matter of choice for them; it is a need.

In cities, we live in challenging conditions, because:

  • One, we do not live in a natural, organic environment, as our rural communities do.
  • Two, whatever is left of the environment that we live in, is polluted.
  • Three, life is very demanding. We work long hours. The quality of sleep is very poor. So is quality of life.

To compensate for our boredom and tiredness, we spend a lot of time in entertainment activities. Chances are we hit bars more often. We drink alcohol, and sometimes we drink more than we should. We do clubbing.

These and many other activities, which we do to seek some consolation from a stressful urban environment, add to pressure sour body face on a daily basis. The cycle brings our body under more stress.

It is a cycle, which our body becomes a part of, even when we do not notice it. Even if we do, we hardly can’t do anything about it, because:

  • First, we do not have time for it. We are busy.
  • Second, we do not have space for it. We live in a small compartment.
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We can count above and many more factors to make us realize that while living in an urban setting, it is important for us to exercise, if we want to live healthy and longer lives.

Following are the top five reasons why we should care about fitness:

1) It promotes a healthy lifestyle

As music, dance, socializing and entertainment positively impact our mood, fitness works as a stimulus for energy and motivation we need to live healthy and fit lives. It gives us enough strength and motivation to feel actively involved in our daily lives. We start enjoying our lives. Almost all of us, to a varying degree, are sick and tired of urban life routine. We find it boring. It is dull. It is less enjoyable, or it is not fulfilling at all.

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A regular exercise and fitness routine can help us come out of the cycle of boredom. We can move away from it gradually and steadily. We can keep us at bay from it. And we can live healthy lives. We can live full lives.

2) It promotes mental health

It is a bitter truth that a majority of us face mental health challenges, little or serious. This is a different question altogether that many of us do not admit that we have mental health issues. It is because of a lack of awareness or an element of stigma associated with mental health. Whether we admit or not, and whatever level of mental health we are at, it is a proven fact that exercise and fitness can improve our mental wellbeing.

Becoming and staying fit is the foremost recommendation any mental health practitioner would give us. And it would not be just for those who have mental health challenges; it would be for everyone. The recommendation is even higher for people living in cities.

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In cities, daily life demands, poor quality of environment and pressures associated with earning a daily living, continuously challenge our mental fitness. It affects us all. When surrounded by the same polluted environment on a daily basis, we have nowhere to turn to but to exercise, to stay mentally fit and strong.

It is a must that we exercise. We do not wait for the best fitness equipment and places to exercise; we should exercise with little or no equipment, whether at the gym or home. It is important that we do it regularly.

3) It improves physical Health

Health is wealth is a self-explanatory proverb. When we are healthy, we are able to live a quality life. We are able to enjoy our lives within limited resources. When we are sick, the wealth of the entire world can’t bring us out of our suffering.

It is a simple and centuries-old mantra that if we want to live healthy and fit lives, we should exercise. We should do it regularly. It is an important aspect of our physical health, in addition to many others such as healthy eating.

It improves physical Health - Reasons to care about fitness
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Our body must become habitual of a physical activity. It releases tension from body muscles. It cuts back negative energies to a minimal level. And It promotes positive energy. Reasons to care about fitness.

4) It fights back stress

Whether we realize it or not, whether we admit it or not; we are always stressed out to some extent. It is almost impossible to be stress-free in an urban lifestyle. While we seek to improve the conditions we live in, we should do something about our fitness too. Regular physical activity is a must for our psychological wellbeing.

Moving is living is a belief that can drag us out of our inactive lifestyle. Inactivity contributes to stress as much as other factors do. We must practice this belief regularly. It has helped people fight back stress successfully. From down and trodden, people with the help of a fitness activity have become active again. They have achieved a new level of motivation and energy.

5) It helps manage an illness

This is the Reasons to care about fitness. It is crucial that we become aware of fitness’s importance to our health from an early age. If we start exercising and staying fit from an early age, it benefits us in avoiding serious health problems such as diabetes.

But if we fail to do so and end up confronting a serious illness. An illness that is untreatable. We are in pain. We suffer and try to seek some consolation to our suffering and we should make fitness our partner.

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With advice from our doctor, we should exercise regularly, whether little or more. A fitness activity can help us manage our illness effectively. In some cases, it even helps to complete healing.

So, it is important that we exercise, and we do it regularly. It requires a commitment from us. When we are committed to our health and fitness, we can make it happen everywhere. We do not wait for the best fitness equipment, tools and facilities to make it more convenient for us. Instead, we just start exercising, becoming and staying fit.

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