Fake news and photoshopped photos of Shehryar Afridi by Saleem Safi

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Another fake news of Saleem Safi. He not only kept sharing false news about Shehryar Afridi but was also satirized by sharing photoshopped photos.

According to details, Shehryar Khan Afridi, head of the Kashmir Affairs Committee and former federal minister of state for home affairs, was detained for more than an hour for a “secondary inquiry” despite having a visa on his official passport. On which Pakistani Consul General in New York Ayesha Ali reached the airport and handled the situation.

Maleeha Shahid, a spokeswoman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington, described the detention of Shehryar Afridi as a “normal incident”. On this news, journalist Saleem Safi, who was considered as an opponent of Imran Khan, came on the field and shared a photoshopped photo and kept mocking Shehryar Afridi.

Saleem Safi said that thankfully it is the United States and he was content with searching clothes and did not find ten kilograms of heroin in his bag. Had there been a Pakistan government, a PTI government, and Shehryar Afridi in the opposition, there would have been a case of heroin smuggling.

The tweet that Saleem Safi shared was actually of an American citizen with Shahriar Afridi’s face on his face.

On this move of Saleem Safi, social media users strongly criticized Saleem Safi and said that these are the same journalists who are opposing the Pakistan Media Development Authority Bill.

On Saleem Safi’s tweet, Sira Fatima said that therefore the approval of the media bill is necessary in any case. There are many such fake news every day. According to the media bill, those who give fake news will be fined Rs 3 crore. Which is exactly right. And the political party that is opposing this bill is in fact a thief in the hearts of those sleeve snakes.

Private channel reporter Shahid Hussain said that Safi Sahib should fear God, you are a great journalist, you share false and fabricated news without thinking.