Everything you should know about the career as Probationary Officer

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A probationary officer is someone who holds the responsibility to handle the everyday work of banking. Both in the private and public sector, there will be a need for a probationary officer who is appointed in the entry-level and then posted to a higher level in the bank. This increase in the post may take a few years, depending on the experience. These officers are responsible for working in different sections, including finance, billing, investment, marketing, etc. Top banks like SBI release vacancies for PO positions every year offering jobs to millions. The SBI PO, when hired, receives an entry-level package which later increases with experience.

However, candidates who are keen on taking up this job will need to undergo the entrance exam conducted by the bank. Post exam, you will need to undergo the further process of interview, which will give hiring employers to know if you are fit for this respective job. It is important you prepare yourself well for the interview. Similar to other job hiring process, aspirants need to undergo the entrance test. The syllabus is quite different compared to SSC CGL and others. However, just like SSC CGL marks, you will get notification of SBI PO exam marks online.

What is a Bank Probationary officer?

Bank probationary officer is the entry-level job and is responsible for handling different responsibilities of the bank. They have two years of probation, during which they are getting exposed to different banking responsibilities. This includes managing finance, loans, and advances. Sometimes, the work stress would take a toll on the person. Therefore, during the probation officer job period, the individual will be trained.

During the job, you will be trained to handle different areas of the bank functions like finances, accounting, customer handling, and others. Throughout the training, the PO will get exposure to various areas. This includes handling, finance, billing, marketing, etc. The individual is also responsible for checking cash balance, ATM cards, demand drafts, etc.

Employment opportunities for PO

For aspirants, there are multiple opportunities to work in the PO area. One can apply for SBI PO vacancies which the bank releases every year to hire eligible candidates. Some of the employment opportunities available are:

Government Sector: Working in a government job is the most promising career because of the benefits one gets. These POs working in government banks are responsible for planning, marketing, budgeting, and loan processing. Although the nature of the work remains the same, the individual does receive good benefits compared to working in the private sector. PO working for the government-backed banks get pension and other financial services.

Private Sector: An individual working as a PO for the private sector has a similar job as a public bank. He/she is appointed to handle different areas of the bank processing, including issuing passbooks, communicating with customers, and budgeting. In terms of errors or guilt in action, the probability of punishment is low. Moreover, the pension benefit is relatively low compared to the public sector. However, it also depends on the position designated and how good the salary is offered.

Some of the top banks that hire PO candidates’ are- SBI, HDFC, Allahabad Bank, Canara Bank, and others.

Preparing for the job

The very first step to working as the probationary officer is to appear for the exam. You need to appear for the entrance exam conducted by the SBI and other banks. This entrance exam is conducted to ensure that the candidate is eligible for the job. The candidate also goes through the interview session, where he/she is checked upon the communication skills and other aspects. You need to be mentally prepared for the job to ensure that you do not burden yourself.

Pros of Becoming a probationary officer

  • It is the most secured job, especially if working for the government bank.
  • There are many benefits, like job security, pension, and other financial services.
  • The post will also give you the knowledge of different works involved in the banking sector. This will help in professional growth.

Cons of working as a probationary officer:

  • There will be loads of paperwork regularly
  • One needs to be very attentive to do the paperwork to ensure there are no issues with customers.