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By John Wick

Sportsbetting is a legal practice in most countries that permits one to bet on competitive games like basketball, football, and other such sports. It involves predicting an outcome placing a wager on it.

Basketball is the most favoured as it has ardent fans who follow the sport with devout attention. This makes it ideal for bettors to use platforms like Sportsbet for NBA to wage their bets. The NBA, a professional basketball league that has 30 teams in all, is vital to the sports landscape. So, it is one of the four major sports leagues in the US and Canada.

Be it a Lakers fan or a Sixers fan, anyone can bet on who could come ahead, and the last man standing wins. Bets can be placed from any level right from playoffs to the NBA title.

One can opt for any of the following means to bet on NBA games:

Moneyline Bets:

In this method, one has to pick the winner. A positive or negative number sets the Moneyline. The team with the odds with a negative number is the favourite, in which case the positive becomes the underdog. Suppose a team is -100 on the Moneyline; the bet has to be 100$ to return 80$ in winnings. For a +100 underdog, if the wager is 80$, it would give a return of 100$ in winnings.

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A point spread bet:

In this type of situation, one has to bet on whether the team will gain a point spread designated by the sportsbook. The favourite has to win more than the set number of points. This situation means that the underdog has to win or lose by a score less than the spread.

Over/Under Bets:

This bet is the type where one has to place the bets on the total points that the teams will score in the entire game. It will be either under or over a total that is set by the sportsbook.

Parlay Bets:

Parlay bets mean a combination of more than two wagers for an increase in the payout. One could even place the bet on the point spread in several games and multiply the wager’s returns. These are riskier than other types.

Proposition Bets:

It is usually of a Yes/No variety. Propositions such as would Michael Jordan score over 20 points in a game. Or if Kareem Abdul Jabbar will have over 15 rebounds in a game.

Future Bets:

As the name suggests, one could bet on future events. It includes scenarios such as who will be the winner of the finals or how many wins will a team have in a regular season.


It is where all the action is today, as it happens in real-time. Players bet on several things as the game happens. A player can place Money Lines, props, and point spreads while the game is going on.

It was once not possible to bet in-game. The only way a player could bet was before the games took place or through future bets. These limitations have been overcome by betting online.

Here are a few examples of what one can bet on at some Sportsbooks:

  • The NBA title
  • MVP/ coach of the year/ Defensive player of the year and other such titles
  • The NBA Divisions Winner
  • NBA win totals
  • The All-star game, etc.


While going for betting on platforms like Sportsbet for NBA betting, one has to ensure to do it after proper research. Gambling is for pleasure and entertainment purposes. But they have to be placed while being fully aware of the risks.