Etiquette to Nail in an Anniversary Party

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By John Wick

Parties have become the latest sensation in the modern world and so were they even during the Victorian era and even before that. Parties of gatherings are organized for people so that they can come and have more fun with friends. But every kind of party comes with certain dos and don’ts of its own baby shower cake or an anniversary party. In order that the party may go smoothly, one must abide by the unsaid and unanswered rules. You can find the rules and etiquettes to be followed at any party.

If you are a host:

1) If you are a host of the party then reach there at least an hour & that you asked for in a banquet hall & send flowers to Delhi or wherever the party is are properly made and that you’re all set to welcome your guests. 

2) Make sure that you have sent all the invitation for your party at least 6 weeks in advance so that always guess that have to come from another state would have replied by them what are they coming or not and then you can arrange snacks and buffet according to the number of gas that would be making their presence.

3) Of course, you are investing a huge amount of money in throwing a party but it will always be incomplete if there is no return gift so as a host of the party there has to be a return gift for each and every guest it could be something from a nearby bakery like muffins, cookies, pastries or something for the people who are coming it could be in the form of fresh flowers,  jewelry, watches, antiques, tea sets, and coffee mugs anything that you find appropriate for your guests would be a perfect gift. 

If you are a guest:

1) If you are going as a guest at a party even though the people who are inviting will never state to bring a gift but is your sworn duty to take at least a simple gift for them because they have invited you. It could be jewelry, baked goodies, cosmetics, home essentials, fresh flowers & send flowers to Gurgaon, etc. 

2) If you have reached at a party after it’s about to start or maybe around 10 minutes in advance especially at a house party you can always ask the host that if they need any help and then you can help them in setting the dinner on the table don’t just ask that “may I help you” mean it too. If you see certain flowers are not well arranged, you could arrange them. 

3) Do not engage too much in self-talk, when you do so you are not listening to other people’s that what they are saying. Soon they will get bored of you and think of you as a self-absorbed guest and maybe next time the host may not even invite you.

4) While having dinner if you want more meals on your plate then always keep your fork and spoon in a slanted cross,  this position will indicate the people who are serving that you need more food on the plate. 

5) If you have to use a restroom, then always ask to be excused before leaving the table. 

6) Let the head person start eating first and then you start eating. 

Etiquette for a lady to follow:

As a man is supposed to be sophisticated in a party, so are women. There are certain rules and regulations of being at a party special about the way you talk, eat, sit and walk. Etiquette us simply respect followed in each of your actions. These unwritten rules are as follows – 

1) The minute you are sitting down to eat, pick up the napkin, unfold it and fold it in half and place it on your legs. 

2) When you are eating and want to wipe your lips a little bit to keep your face clean, take the napkin, actually, it’s inner side to wipe your face and now place it as it is. 

3) While you eat, take small bites and first take the food and keep it on your plate and then eat food bite by bite. 

4) If you are not comfortable wearing heels then add a clutch to it, this way you’ll like a human and not clumsily teeter-tottering.