Effective ways to boost salon marketing

Are you looking for ways to improve your Salon business? What about the best Salon marketing?

Undoubtedly, many nail techs, hairdressers, hair salons, aestheticians are getting many benefits from the best Salon marketing ideas. They might be the most skilled in their respective field.

But, you are not that successful and struggling hard to make it profitable! Of course, you are not pleased with the same. Understanding that offering excellent Salon services is not enough.   The first and foremost thing is that people must know that your Salon exists.   Also,  they must understand that whatever you are providing is not cheap however, it is worth paying for.

To attract more customers, the essential thing is to be stand out and memorable from each salon in your area. And, for that, you have to follow the leading marketing tactics. Considering that, here in this article, we are giving you the marketing strategies to follow.

How to boost Salon marketing

Provide referral discounts

While trying to work with the local businesses to offer referrals is assuredly beneficial. This is to say, if the general physician next door is with the customer asking for Salon services, then they can inform the individual to know about your Salon, then you can provide them with a small discount.

On the other hand, the Salon referrals also came from word of mouth recommendation of the current customer base. Therefore, for you, as the Salon business owner, to improve the referral customers, you need to keep the customers happy.

If you don’t do it well, it appears obvious, but if you can’t satisfy the current customers, the remaining referral techniques are worthless. When they are pleasing, they will refer your Salon to their family and friends. Additionally, to keep and make the current customers happy, getting recommendations from them does require some serious efforts and strategic thinking.

Always re-enroll customers when visiting a salon

“What would be your Salon bookings for next time?”

Above is the only question that influences your Salon business the most. But we often forget about it. If you make it a habit to always rewrite your customers for their next visit, you will increase the number of your customers and reduce the risk of them signing up with someone else the next time.

As simple as that.

This is probably the simplest marketing tactic on this list, but it’s extremely important. Inform your staff and administrator to always overwrite customers after service has been provided. Remember to follow up and remind them regularly.

If you are using the right Salon Software, you will have the option to set up notifications so that it automatically sends a booking reminder after a visit, or a few weeks later when it’s time to sign up again.

Salon Promotions

Despite the Salon size or type of service you provide, what you are offering to customers is an experience. The services might be similar to one already available on the road, however, the experience is different.

This is what you are promoting or what you are selling on the website. The Salon website should include high-quality images of the services and the location.

Do not forget to attract the target market: show a more imaginative style to the younger population, and provide opportunities for relaxation and stress relief for older professionals.

Email and SMS marketing and promotions also work best for Salon marketing. Send the email or SMS newsletters to your customers to share the new offers, discounts or daily deals your Salon is offering. This way, you can have two-way communication with the customers from the device which is with them every time.

Share the promotions on social media

If you don’t use social media to start your Salon business, you will not only miss conversations where people are already talking about your business, but you will also miss opportunities to get new customers.

Consider social media as the store for the business. It enables you to promote your business as much as possible and give potential customers an attractive snapshot of the products you offer. Though, salons often form excellent professional profiles and then destroy them by publishing junk new titles, gossip, and bad images.

The things must be kept easy on social media, how it is essential to follow the business-oriented approach. All social media handles are fast-paced, also the content is only suitable from one day to the next. The best thing is that if you are mannered, publishing regularly does not demand more energy and time.

Run a Contest in the Salon

Running the contest on social media or Salon websites is the best way to attract customers. You can provide 24/7 spa services to the individuals who get the most referrals, which will make them pampered, particularly when they bring you more revenue than a few new customers. Indeed, you do not need to set the prize as a spa day; it could be something smaller, like, a gift certificate, which they can leverage on the next visit.

Capitalize on Special Events and Holidays

Always the special events attract potential customers. You can offer something special to mothers on mother’s day or offer Christmas discounts or also provide something to welcome the new year.

Always remember to integrate the things, such as prom and weddings. Really, they are not holidays but are the best occasions to make the customers happy on their big day. What you can do is that you can post something like, taking services of haircut, manicure, pedicure, etc. to attract the teen ages before the prom.

Promote Gift Certificates always

The gift certificates are the best way of attracting new customers, particularly, in the holiday season. You can also provide the special gift certificates buyers that provide customers with the free $20 gift card with each $100 gift certificate purchase. When their friends visit you again to use the gift card, they will most likely also come back.

Online & offline

Having a website is not more optional for every Salon, so, do the online presence. Always remember that the best Salon brand works perfectly online and offline as well. You require a simple, continuous message, look and feel as well. After seeing all marketing materials, all should know what you do and what you mean.

Consistency is the key

The potential customers checking the Salon website, clicking on the social media, and also walking on the doors, must discover that it appears and feel the best.

All you use to interact with the customers must hold the same vibe, like, social media posts, emails, salon signage, SMS messages, and also the way you communicate on the call. This is how you can make a memorable brand and that customers like to interact with.

Sell the customer experience

Regardless of the size of your salon or the services provided, what you offer is an experience. The service might be the same as future services, however, the experience is unique.

This is what your Salon is selling and what you are promoting on the Salon website. The Salon website should include high-quality for the location and the services. Do not forget to please the target market, show the more productive style for the younger demographic, and the possibility to relieve stress and relax for the existing professionals.

Run Google Ads

From the first salon marketing idea on this list, it is experienced that you need to make sure your salon shows up when someone searches for salons in your area. So people are looking for new salons.

But if your salon is surrounded by many other salons, likely, your salon is still not showing up at the top of the page on search results. In fact, the first lines of Google search results are dedicated to showing paid ads.

So, even if you have a great beauty salon site that is optimized for search engines, it is likely that you will not show up at the top. This is why you need to run paid contextual advertising.

When setting up your search campaign, you need to be as specific as possible. Since you only pay when people click on the link, you should try to show ads only to people who can follow you.

For example, you can limit your ad to only show to people who are within walking distance of your salon. This is called geo-targeting. You can also define specific words – key phrases that potential customers can type in when searching on Google.

These requests should include specific services that you offer in your salon. If you refine your search queries when setting up contextual advertising, you increase the chances that when people click on your client (and you pay), the visitor decides to leave a request or sign up with you, and not with your competitor.

Create salon videos for social media and your salon website

Certainly, a good customer relationship is critical to the success of your business. Your customers know you and trust you.

This relationship of trust is extremely important to the success of the salon. But what about all the potential new customers who see you on social media or land on your website? How can the customers show their trust in you without meeting or communicating?

To convert people from just a website visitor to a beauty salon customer, you need to establish a relationship of trust with you.

Videos are the best way to carry this out. Videos featuring you, your salon and your staff are a powerful marketing tool for your beauty salon. It doesn’t have to be an overly complicated and expensive video, but it should be truthful and reflect the essence of your salon.

It needs to tell a story and show the people behind it. Of course, you can hire a marketing agency to create a cool video about you. But if you do not have a budget, just record a video using a smartphone.

Consider YouTube to upload it; also link it to your Salon website. This feature will work wonders for your conversion of website visitors to new customers.

Ask customers to leave a review after visiting your salon

In the internet age we live in, people find out all about the salon before they sign up. Thus, you need to make sure that you have a sufficient number of positive reviews about your salon on Google. Customer reviews not only give new customers confidence that your salon is great but also help your website take higher positions in search engines.

This is why you should always ask your customers for feedback after serving them. If you have a good relationship with customers, ask them to leave a review. In most cases, they will want to help you and write a good review.

Time to take action

Integrate these guidelines into your beauty business now! This list of beauty salon promotion methods is big enough!

We really hope you found the beauty salon marketing ideas you were looking for! You have taken a long time to review this list of recommendations. If you do not implement any of it right now into your business, it was a waste of time.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

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