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Drawer Storage Solutions for Small Garages

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Tidy garages also tend to be the most productive, which is why it is so important to make effective use of garage space, particularly in small garages. Organisation is therefore essential to ensure a garage is clean and tidy instead of a cluttered mess. 

There are a number of ways to store tools and reduce clutter in a garage, including workbenches, shelving and wall hook, and garage cabinets with plenty of draw storage. 

Garage cabinets

Every garage, no matter the size, can benefit from having a garage cabinet with lots of draw storage space. One of the most obvious benefits that come from having a garage cabinet with draw storage space is that it inevitably cuts down on the amount of clutter on the floor of the garage. 

Floor clutter can be a major nuisance in garages, particularly small garages, and removing these things and storing them in a cabinet is a very practical solution to this problem. 

It is also a very good idea to have a garage cabinet if you have expensive tools and other costly items of equipment in your garage. It is not advisable to keep such expensive items lying around so being able to store more valuable items in a secure cabinet is a sensible precaution. 

Another sensible precaution is to keep potentially dangerous items locked away in a garage cabinet if there are small children in a household. A garage may need to hold items such as sharp objects or even toxic chemicals and a sturdy cabinet is by far the best place to keep such items locked away from young hands. 

Shelving and wall hooks

At the opposite end of the storage, spectrum are items that do not need to be locked away but still need to be placed neatly in an easily accessible location. Wall hooks and shelving are both very useful options for garage storage and can store almost any item that needs to be removed from the garage floor and kept out of the way, not just tools.

Shelving is probably the simplest storage option of the two and is available in a wide array of different shapes and sizes and can be found in both wood and metal.

Walls are often overlooked by people looking for garage storage space but a wall hook setup can be very effective in easily storing many different items. Examine the rails that wall hooks are attached to which are mounted to the wall, and offer a channel for the hooks to be able to slot into. 

It is then possible to outfit garage walls with a way to store an enormous array of items with the use of hooks, shelves, bike racks, baskets, storage bin holders, fishing rod hooks, and more. 


Sometimes a workbench is the main focal point of a garage. Those with small garages, in particular, will need to consider the position they will be in when working and some benches come with integrated tool storage such as attached cabinets or alternative storage methods like pegboards. 

Having a way to store equipment and tools and carry out work is vital for any garage.