Cynthia D Ritchie could not provide evidence against Rehman Malik

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The Islamabad Secretariat Police could not get any evidence to witness the case against Senator Rehman Malik in connection with the allegations made by American blogger Cynthia Richie.

Police say it is the plaintiff’s responsibility to provide evidence of such allegations. Cynthia Richie presented no evidence in the application or during the hearing. Cynthia Richie could not reveal anyone’s phone number, date, or time of the threat to prove the allegations of intimidation. Cynthia Richie could not name any callers or the nature of the threat. No evidence was found against Yousuf Raza Gilani and Senator Rehman Malik.

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In the petition, Cynthia Richie said that she was being raped by Rehman Malik in 2011. Checking the records, it was found that she had not made any request to the police station about the incident at that time and no such report was given by the concerned embassy. Cynthia Richie has not filed a written or verbal complaint with the police or any other forum.

Cynthia Richie has no medical certificate / MLR. A senior police officer said that Cynthia Richie’s request was apparently suspicious, malicious, and unworkable. However, the matter is awaiting the opinion of SP Legal.

There are reports that the government kept the diary of the concerned police station closed for two days so that they could gather evidence against Rehman Malik. But on the basis of lack of evidence, the police seem to have failed to register an FIR against Rehman Malik.