BRAC And World Bank Team Up To Enhance Road Safety In Bangladesh

A report by Nirapad Sarak Chai (We Want Safe Roads), a non-government organization, revealed that 788 more people were killed in road incidents since 2019, according to Anadolu Agency. BRAC, a global NGO based in Bangladesh, and the World Bank have implemented a program that will halve fatalities on roads by 2030. The two organizations announced their collaboration at an online event dubbed ‘Road Safety Collaboration: Reducing Road Fatalities to 50% by 2030.

Acting country director of the World Bank in Bangladesh, Dandan Chen said, “The project will offer training and skills building for drivers, and promote road safety for women and children in the public transport sector. Chen added, “The high road casualty numbers are unacceptable, but they are preventable.” Road users can increase chances of survival by staying safe while driving, walking, and cycling. Here are tips to make roads safer.

Do Not Exceed Speed Limits 

Exceeding speed limits is dangerous, as it increases the risk of road fatalities. This is because the faster you’re driving, the longer it takes for your car to stop when you hit the brakes. Over speeding also reduces your reaction time to unexpected incidents like an animal crossing the road or a vehicle out of control. To enhance safety on the roads, slow down, understand the traffic rules, and obey speed limits.

Invest In Safe Vehicles

Modern cars come equipped with active safety technologies designed to prevent accidents from happening. They also have passive systems that protect vehicle occupants and other road users from impact when a collision occurs. Before buying a car, go through consumer ratings on SUVs, sports cars, trucks, and sedans to ensure they are safe. Make sure your preferred model has advanced driver assistance systems like automatic emergency braking system, front collision warning, and lane departure warning systems to promote road safety.

Avoid Distractions

Using smartphones while driving is one of the most dangerous types of distractions drivers should avoid. Drivers who use their mobile phones when behind the wheel are four times likely to cause or get involved in a crash. Hands-free phones might seem safer, but they increase the risk of accidents by twenty folds if you’re sending or replying to texts. Other distractions you should steer clear from include eating, applying makeup, and adjusting your audio player.

The number of road accident fatalities in Bangladesh and around the world is startling. However, by following safety measures, road users, including motorists, jaywalkers, and cyclists, can make roads safer. Aside from obeying speed limits and driving safe cars, drivers should practice defensive driving and avoid driving under the influence.


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