Finding Bail When You Need It Most

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From the moment the grunting monster of a man ran his head into your stomach as his friend sidestepped the assault until you found yourself against the wall surrounded by a group of bar patrons trying to protect you, confusion and dismay enveloped you and your friends. You continued to ask yourself what was happening as the police entered the bar and arrested you over the counter voices of other patrons. That is when reality began to strangle you with a sad truth – you were on your way to jail.


You will be asked to turn your personal possessions over to a clerk at the jail, and then you will be searched for anything you forgot to surrender. Next, your fingerprints and photo will be taken, and the computer system will look for outstanding warrants against you. You may be questioned, or you may be ignored, but you will still be placed in a cell with other arrestees to await your conference with the judge.


Your meeting with the judge is known as an arraignment, and it is the first step in getting out of jail. The bailiff will read the charges against you, and the judge may ask you a few questions. You will be asked if you understand the charges, and you must then plead “guilty” or “not guilty.” The judge will then enter a bail amount.


The next step is contacting a bail bonds Scranton PA company about beginning your bail. You will be required to submit at least 10% of the total bail amount before the bondsman can submit the release papers. You or your family can present the amount in credit cards, cash, or property. Once the agent pays the court, you can get out of jail.

While you are out on bail, remember to follow the rules established by the court for your release. If you get arrested while you are on bail, there is no second chance. That means you need to stay away from big, angry men in bars!