Avoiding Omicron exposure from your car to the charter jet

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By Kaleem Ullah

Private planes and charters have become the new mode of transport, and at MERLIN1, we provide Private Charter Jets to Austin. The Corona Virus Pandemic has slowed down transport as passengers are wary of their health safety in public transport, but private flying has assured passengers. The Charter Jets Austin have kept the Citation III 650’s high safety standards by ensuring frequent testing and clearance of operators, pilots, and flight assistants that ensure the private experience is exclusive. Private charter jet Austin reduces the congestion of crowded airport buses, endless security lines, and the uncomfortable experience in public air transport.

The Omicron variant has increased daily hospital admissions by 135% in Austin, with the infection rate rising each day. The increase has created panic among travelers as they are wary of getting exposed to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. According to the CDC, the variant spreads more rapidly than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus, and it is yet to determine its spread compared to the Delta version. The Private Charter Jet Austin has put in place measures that deal with the uncertainties created by the unknowns of the Omicron variant. In the 16 years of operation, TheMERLIN1 Standard has gotten set above every aviation providing company, and the passenger’s experience is one of our top priorities. Passengers worried about contracting the Omicron variant while using our services should get informed of measures to avoid exposure to the virus from the car to the charter jet.

Like the previous variants of the original virus, the Omicron variant gets transmitted through contaminated surfaces and gets into close proximities with infected persons. At Charter Jets Austin, we have ensured that our private jets get sanitized and sterilized before boarding a passenger. The Jet crew gets tested on every flight and takes the precautions of wearing a face mask and hand gloves when handling refreshments and other services that require them to interact closely with the client. The Charter Jets Austin have made their operations online, thus enabling passengers to make payments and get airport clearances without getting into airport crowds and lines while traveling. The online clearance procedures reduce the exposure to people and places that may harbor the virus.

With the risk of infection and travel disruption still present, Covid-19 has been a major factor in travellers opting to fly by private jet. A recent report by Goldman Sachs shows that since the start of the pandemic first-time entrants to the private jet market now make up over 30% of buyers. With private boarding, fewer touchpoints and less contact with strangers, passengers can be confident of their Covid status when they arrive at their destination. Private jet Austin travel also allows passengers to take control of their travel itineraries without the worry of last-minute disruption and cancelled commercial flights.

Passengers with private transport means will get clearance to enter the airport in their vehicle to the point their private jets will be awaiting. It is advisable to wear a face mask when coming out of your car and boarding the Jet. The step ensures that the passenger does not get exposed to an air-born virus and prevents transmitting a carried virus to the waiting staff. The passenger then gets tested by the Jet physician present in every private charter to ensure the safety of everyone aboard the Jet. Once cleared, the passenger is handed a new set of face masks and hand gloves before boarding the Jet and starting the journey. The extra precautions ensure that our services and passenger safety clear any doubts about family safety and executive safety. At any moment, one chooses to travel with the Charter Jets Austin.

Passengers who arrive on public transport and wish to travel with private jets will get tested and cleared at the airport entrance. Once cleared, they will board a MERLIN1 private vehicle that receives sterilization and sanitization after transporting passengers to their private jets. Our priority is maintaining safe travels amid the chaos of the Omicron variant and taking an extra mile in reducing passenger exposure to the Omicron variant from the car to the charter jet San Antonio. Choose MERLIN1 for the safest travels, safe from the Omicron variant exposure via the private charter jets.