5 Drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video Online Streaming Service

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By Kaleem Ullah

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular online streaming services that offer a wide range of content including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and music.

Although this streaming service has made its name in terms of popularity in the market, we have seen a lot of reports about people being not in the favor of this service. 

We are going to share with you some of the most widely reported concerns about Amazon Prime Video that you need to know. Knowing about these concerns will help you decide whether you should purchase the subscription for it, or not.

Let’s get into and talk about 5 drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video

  • Not an All-Around Service

Netflix is not a versatile service as it doesn’t contain the content that you find on other platforms such as Netflix. You won’t find Netflix originals on Amazon Prime Video. Similarly, there are various shows from other online streaming services that are not available on this website. 

You can watch almost all the trending and the latest online shows on the websites such as the movierulz plz. Amazon Prime Video’s limited collection of shows is what makes it not an ideal choice for people who watch shows that get released worldwide.

  • Content Quality

The content quality on Amazon Prime Video is good, but not as much as the other services such as Netflix. There are not many top-tier shows that you can find on this platform.

Although certain Amazon Prime Video Original Shows have become quite popular all over the world, the content quality is still far from being the best. Most third-party content creators choose other services such as Netflix or Disney+ for their shows. 

But the rate at which this service is growing, we are expecting it to become quite huge in the future.

  • Limited Music Collection

Amazon Prime Video always keeps trying to add more content to engage a greater audience towards their platform. They offer a massive collection of music for people who spend most of their time listening to the music.

As of now, the music library contains about 2 million songs. This number is not as big as it should’ve been. There are many classic songs that you probably won’t find on this service. So, until they pump these numbers up, the music side of the Amazon Prime Video won’t be as popular among the people as it should’ve been.

  • Not Ideal for Students

Amazon Prime Video requires a monthly subscription. And you need to pay by card. And to get the card, you need a bank account. 

Since students can’t get a bank account, they have to rely on others to pay for the services through their account. This is a huge drawback that makes students go for other online streaming services. 

Services like the kisscartoon are great for kids and students who love watching cartoon shows and animated movies online. There are no online subscription purchase requirements for such services. And the content collection for the cartoons and movies is bigger than what you find on Amazon Prime Video as well.

  • Expensive

When you compare the Amazon Prime Video pricing plans with some of the other mainstream services for movies out there, you will find that the Amazon Prime Video costs more than these services. 

The monthly pricing is about $12.99 which is more than what Netflix costs. And Netflix offers more price in less value than the Amazon Prime Video.  

So, if you are looking for an online streaming service that costs less money, then you would need to look for other options online. There are a lot of free online services out there as well that you can check out. We recommend going for a paid online service that offers you a safe and secure online streaming experience.

Wrapping Up

The choice for an online streaming service is a lot about personal preference. But still, you need to know all the facts so that you don’t end up choosing a service that is just not right for you. 

We suggest that you check out the popular online streaming services first and compare their pros and cons. This will help simplify the decision about choosing an online streaming service for you.