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Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Amla in empty stomach

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If you suffer from pimples, acne, and obesity and are frustrated with every medicine, treatment, and exercise then try Amla in an empty stomach as a last option. The benefits of amla will amaze you.

According to nutritionists, adults can consume 75 to 90 mg of amla on a daily basis. In terms of nutrition, 100 grams of amla contains 58 calories, 3.4% fiber, 13.7% carbohydrates, 50% calcium, 1.2 mg iron. It is rich in 9 micrograms of carotene and vitamin C.

What are the positive effects of eating one to two amla in an empty stomach on human health? Below are some Amla Health Benefits.

Use Amla as treatment of nail acne

Amla is the best treatment of nail and acne
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Amla is a natural remedy for nail acne which has no harm. Eating amla improves gastrointestinal health and performance which also has consequences on the skin. Eating amla makes the skin clear, transparent, and free from stubborn acne. Antioxidant ingredients remove waste products and bacteria from the body, which also has a positive effect on overall health. Eat one to two amla regularly for 4 weeks to get rid of acne.

Amla Juice for Weight loss

Amla Juice for Weight loss
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Eating amla fruit or drinking amla juice in an empty stomach reduces weight significantly.  Eating amla speeds up the metabolism, which in turn speeds up the process of melting stubborn fats.

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Amla Prevent from seasonal viral infections

Amla Prevent from seasonal viral infections
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Amla is a citrus fruit. With the onset of summer, it is common to get a fever and a cold. Even in winter, viral infections are difficult to avoid. Amla is the best natural remedy for you if your immune system is weak and you get sick as the weather changes. Eating amla in an empty stomach strengthens the immune system and helps to fight the harsh weather.

Amla is the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Amla prevent from constipation | Amla Health Benefits
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Amla can be used to treat all ailments from constipation to flatulence. Its fiber and vitamin C help digest food properly and improve gastrointestinal health. According to herbalists, constipation causes many diseases. To get rid of constipation, eating Amla in an empty stomach is very useful.

That’s all about Amla Health Benefits.