9 Best Anti Aging Makeup tips

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Anti-Aging Makeup Tips

While facial attractiveness decreases with age, wrinkles also appear on the skin if not taken care of. Instead of being afraid of these wrinkles, learn to fight them. Just as natural masks and methods help deal with wrinkles, similarly some makeup tricks also helpful. Which can be followed to combat wrinkles. Women, regardless of age, consider it necessary to use make-up because make-up adds four more moons to the beauty.

That’s why today we are going to share with you some make-up tips, which will not only hide the effects of aging, but by following these methods, you too can get an attractive and perfect look like a young girl.

Here’s how to look younger with 9 Anti-aging makeup tips


You may or may not have used moisturizer at an early age, but using it after the age of 30 is very important for your skin. Must use moisturizer before make-up, apply a moisturizer that stays on the skin of the face for a long time. Daily cleansing and moisturizing of the face also reduces the effects of aging.

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This is because the process slows down the radicals in the facial skin that cause aging. That’s why experts recommend covering the skin of the face with moisturizer after cleansing.


As you grow older, you will need to change the use of foundation as wrinkles appear on your face after a certain age. So don’t make the mistake of choosing a foundation according to a beauty expert. Use a light foundation, the lighter the foundation, the less visible it is and the easier it is to hide pimple marks.

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However, a heavy foundation is more pronounced on the face. Makeup artists advise older women to use yellow foundation instead of pink. According to them, the Yellow Foundation feels less and lighter on the face, after applying it, the skin of the face feels younger.

Liquid concealer

Concealer is an effective way to hide facial imperfections such as blemishes and freckles for women of all ages. This is an important part of your makeup kit, which has the potential to turn every facial flaw into a beauty. But for older women, using a liquid concealer is best.

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International beauty experts advise older women to use liquid concealer, as the liquid liner does not allow lines to form in the wrinkles. Also, keep in mind that the concealer’s shade should be one degree lower than the foundation’s shade.

Brown eyeliner

Although you may have used black eyeliner on a daily basis in college life, choose eyeliner colors as you get older. It will play an important role in enhancing the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes.

Wet sponge

According to make-up artists, older women use a wet sponge to apply the foundation. Apply a small amount of foundation on the wet sponge and apply it on the hands and then apply it lightly on the face. Don’t use too much foundation, fingers can also be used to blend the foundation if needed.

Take special care of the impressions

When it comes to older women, make-up pays special attention to facial textures and impressions, such as trying to lift the cheekbones. Apply a light or medium shade of foundation or blush on the cheekbones, it will highlight the face and also hide the wrinkles on the skin of the face. Also, pay special attention to the lips. If you have lines on the sides of your lips, they can be hidden with the help of foundation and concealer.

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Eye shadow base

The eye is the part of the body where the effects of aging are most noticeable. So if you still have eye wrinkles after primer foundation and concealer, choose an eye shadow base.

Light-colored eyebrow pencil

When it comes to eyebrow filling, try to choose the same color eyebrow pencil as your eyebrow hair. A light-colored eyebrow pencil will give the face a soft and natural look.

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Use a lipstick that has a moisturizer in the formula. The lips of older women often become dry and the moisturizer in the lipstick helps to keep their lips soft.

That’s all about the best anti-aging makeup tips. If you like these tips don’t forget to share this with your friends.